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South Towers

Hi , only topics in this Essex thread is either about North Towers or South Courts lol
Anyone intrested in South Towers, im thinking about putting it down as first choice

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south towers and north are basically the same, but south towers are a bit cheaper because you share your bathroom with more people. People who lived in south towers will tell you that south towers are the best.. people who lived in north towers will tell you north towers rule (which they do). Most people on here have lived in north towers (it seems) so we're biased towards them.

You'll have fun in South Towers though :smile:
University of Essex
University of Essex
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thank you schmeeble , always willing to help and advice :P
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I got into the South Towers!
Bertrand Russell Tower Flat 9 Room 14:cool:
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i only finished my form yesterday so im not sure when ill get a reply , how long do i have to wait?
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don't know, probably not too long since their making alot of decisions yesterday or today, seems to be going pretty fast now.
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just got my email lol EDDINGTON TOWER Flat 3 Room 13
thats a joke i send mine off when it first came online and i not heard anything
I will stay in Eddington Tower Flat 2 (Room 4) - anyone else this flat? :smile:

don't worry you will hear soon, waiting kills I know - otherwise just phone them?
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thats a joke i send mine off when it first came online and i not heard anything

keep calm. I didn't hear back about my accomodation when i applied until september! I applied as soon as i confirmed Essex aswell.

(edited because it was the longest sentence in the world!!!)
keep calm. I didn't hear back about my accomodation when i applied until september and i applied as soon as i confirmed Essex as my firm and got the letter through the post!

ok lol, i just want to know lol
south towers was wicked, i lived in bertrand russell for 5 years lol

my first impression was a prision cell ( not that ive been in prision lol ) but after a week i was settled in an loved it,

The rooms are a bit smaller then north but south is the place to be in my eyes :biggrin:

some how i managed to get a 39 inch tv, decks, 2 computers and a laptop in there and a fridge lol
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bertrand russell flat 12? x
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i just got my letter alocating me to a room and it says

bertrand russell tower br 14/1

does that mean flat 14 room 1 or flat 1 room 14???

and also is room 1 right next to the kitchen???

im really confsed!!
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youre in flat 14 room one
apparantly room 16 my room is near the kitchen! lol x
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im really scared of hieghts i think i made a bad move applying for the towers lol! i dnt want to be near the kitchen. wot flat you in?
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well youre not if room 16 is near the kitchen! lol flat 12 room 16 :smile: xx
room 1 and 16 and next to the kitchen i think

thats how it worked in north towers , the better one :p: rooms 1 and 14 next to the kitchen

you guys will have so much fun in the towers,
i miss it
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I lived in Eddington Tower in my first year, never really went to Bertrand Russell but the towers in general are an excellent way to meet people and party your way through the year :p:

And I can confirm that Room 1 (my room in my first year) is right next to the kitchen, as is Room 16. It's great because you can (as I did) leave your door wide open in the first week or so, so that the 7 people who live further down the hall are always passing, makes socialising a lot easier :smile:

Only real complaint is that if you plan to sleep early, I found I could hear people in the kitchen fairly well. Not so good around revision time :\
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is it really noisy nxt 2 da kitchen n can they hear you in ur room from in da kitchen? wens freshers week??? has ne1 else got thier freshers pack fing i havnt???
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