Is this okay for an introduction? I am useless at writing introductions!

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How does Harper Lee present Calpurnia in To Kill A Mockingbird?

Harper Lee presents Calpurnia as being more important and influential than just a black, African-American housekeeper for the Finch household. Since Atticus is tolerant and colourblind when it comes to races, he welcomes Calpurnia into his home and allows for her to have a greater amount of responsibility than the average coloured housekeeper in 1930’s Alabama. By acting as the key maternal figure and disciplinarian for both Jem and Scout, Calpurnia is considered a member of the Finch’s and fills the void of a family grieving their dead mother. Atticus entrusts and relies on Calpurnia to help support him and raise his children with fairness, enabling for her to aid in the education and maturation of Jem and Scout. As a result, Calpurnia creates Jem and Scout’s bridge between the white world and black community by taking them to her church. This humanises and develops the children and reader’s understanding of Calpurnia and the black community. Therefore, Jem and Scout are able to further develop their own morals, values and views about the coloured people, moving away from the prejudiced fabrications of Maycomb. Ultimately, Harper Lee presents Calpurnia as a bridge and a disciplinarian to reveal her strength of character and wish to overcome prejudice in Maycomb.
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Introductions in this type of question should briefly describe what you are going to talk about and should touch on the question's subject. I think the points you are making are very good but they're a little bit too analytical for an introduction. Keep it sweet and simple and save your points for later on when you can go into more detail about them

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