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    Right, well at AS I got

    BBC, in Politics, psychology and Hictory respectively.

    I was 12 UMS marks in total off acheving AAB
    1 in psychology, 9 in Politics and 2 in History. *Damn* lol

    I want to apply to Warwick, Durham, Bath, Exeter and Durham for a Politics degree.

    These all require AAB

    My modules were as follows
    Politics AAC
    History AAE
    Psychology ABB

    Retaking my worst module from each subject will get me solid A grades.
    I am also doing AS maths next year. (i've got an A in AS General Studies too)

    Do you think i should decline my AS grades or not? If not, do my module scores make it obvious that i intend to retake the worst module and that I am clearly capable of getting A grades.

    I should be able to get an AAAa/AABa/AAAb prediction for A2

    What do you think my chances are with such competetive universities, the course if fairly competetive too.

    My gcse's are good (not by TSR standards mind ) 6A*s 2A's 2B's

    Thank you for any advice in advance
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    Ok, I might be misunderstanding you, so apologies if this is no help at all but:

    Surely you don't need to worry? Your UCAS is based on predicted grades, so unis won't see your AS. Providing your teachers are prepared to predict you the right grades, you shouldn't have an issue.
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    PS Helper
    You have three options: firstly you could choose to decline your overall grades and the modules you're resitting and just declare the module results for those you're cashing in (i.e. the A's). This does look suspicious but no more so than the second, decide to leave your overall grade and all module results as pending. This could work if you somehow managed to convince the admissions tutor that your school has a policy of automatically declining grades; not very helpful if other students from your school/college have/are also applying to the said universities.

    If I were you I'd go for the third: declare your grades and hope that you get a prediction of AAA/B at A2. You could ask a teacher to state in his/her reference the fact that you were so close to the "A" boundary, all things being equal you stand as much a chance as anyone else under these cirumstances. Write a good personal statement in the meantime and maybe consider some "insurance" universities.

    If you plan to resit any of the modules for the AS subject then you automatically have to decline the result and put them as pending. You cannot certificate the AS subject and then resit certain modules to improve your grade, unless you are just resitting to get points towards your A2 but keep the same AS grade.
    Talk to your school about what they are likely to predict you and that you are intending to improve those modules.

    Hmmm, tough decision. If you declare your grades, unis will know you got BBC, but they'll also be able to see that it was only one module letting you down in politics and history, so you should be able to get both of those up to As with one resit in each. You could also ask your referee to mention that you were very close to AAB and this will be reflected in your predictions. If you don't declare your grades, they'll only see your predictions and your GCSEs, which are both excellent, but you risk them getting suspicious that you did worse than you actually did, especially if someone else from your school applies to the same uni for the same course with cashed in grades. Personally I think I'd cash in your grades if I were you. They may not be top notch for those unis, but they're still pretty good, especially when the module grades and marks off the next grades are taken into account, you'll have the predictions you need and your GCSEs will help.

    ok as you stated you got 12 marks off and so forth. Universities do see your AS grades as you put them down in the academia section in the form

    (Original post by ucas online)
    You must list all subjects that have been certificated (also known as 'claimed' or 'cashed in') at GCE AS
    However what I'd recommend that you don't decline your grades but also mark down that you are resitting exams. Also in your reference ask your teachers to mention that you were marks off and so forth. It can work in your favour.

    ^^ But you don't cash in the ASs if you're taking them through to A2, do you?

    (Original post by Angelil)
    ^^ But you don't cash in the ASs if you're taking them through to A2, do you?
    It depends on the school/college and their policy. Mine didn't cash in any AS grades at the end of Year 12 regardless of whether we were carrying them on to A2 or not, so we had to put pending for everything on our UCAS forms, but I think most places do cash in all ASs so students can put them on their applications.

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