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    I am an international student and not familiar with the accommodation system so I have a few general questions.

    1. Which catered halls are the most popular (ie if i apply to x hall how much of a chance do i have of getting my preferred accommodation)?

    2. Is it possible to apply for a large room? I have claustrophobic tendencies

    3. How many people share a bathroom?

    4. Does it matter when you apply as long as it is before the deadline? Will those who apply early get preference when it comes to ensuites?

    5. If yes at 4, do international students get some sort of preference as well? Considering that it would take us much longer to apply than people living in the UK.

    Any help appreciated.
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    1. all the catered halls are popular. basically the earlier you apply, the more likely you're going to get your first choice.

    2. room size depends on the type of room you've applied for and the position in the building. it's by chance really. if you get there and your room is small,you can apply to change to a bigger room if there's one available.

    3. depending on what room type you're in it could be anything from 1 other person to 5 other people on the same floor.just depends.

    4. if you applied for an ensuite early on,then you'll get preference over those who applied later. rooms are assigned on a first come-first serve basis.

    5. international students are guaranteed a place in halls for all the years of their study however this does not mean room types,just that there'll always be a preference to get international students a room before home students considering you're coming from somewhere outside the country etc.
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