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Hey guys, I'm a student from LSBU in London, and I'm in my final year which means ...... *DUN DUN DUUUUUUN* ...... dissertation! But to make this year a bit more bearable I chose a topic that I find fun and interesting which includes travelling to Amsterdam for research: Cannabis So I'll be over next Tuesday(13th December) and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in participating. I'm looking for participants for interviews that will take about an hour to complete(free coffee, cake etc ) and for surveys that won't take longer than 15 minutes! The title of the project is "An evaluation of the use of Labelling theory in understanding the self-image of cannabis users across the UK and Holland", and I want to compare the attitudes towards smokers in the two countries! Even if you're not interested in participating but you're up for a chat or if anyone else wanting participants, I'm in! Just drop a reply and we'll arrange it.

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