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Sorry to stay true to the stereotypical "teenage - parent" bickering, but I do get quite pissed off by 'the folks'. I'm 16 now and am often treated like a kid; despite being much taller than my mum and a bit taller than my dad (which makes it feel kind of weird). I get the usual "go to bed" phrases along with some other old 'favourites', but I was just wondering what kind of relationship a 16 year old should usually have with their parents? I'm now in the 6th form and I am still treated like a kid and I am still told to do this and that as if I am a 12 year old. I expected that by this age i'd live with my parents in a kind of "peaceful-coexistence" but despite being 16 I am still told off like I was when I was 13 or younger. Is this just me; or do any of you still feel your parent's treat you a bit like a kid sometimes?
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I'm 20 in December and I'm still treated like a kid - it's just the way parents are. I think they'll only treat you differently once you've moved out and been away from them for a while.

Edit - nope, I don't get told off anymore, I do draw the line.
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