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Most students' predicted A-level grades are 'wrong'

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Original post by discobish
So it seems that only 16% of university applicants achieve the grades their teachers predict for them :shock::shock:

Research has found that 75% of students had been given overly optimistic predictions whilst 9% had done better than predicted. :hmmmm2::hmmmm2:

The UCU is now calling for the university admissions system to allow students to apply with their firm results and not predictions that are "poor guestimates". :h::h:

You can read the story in full detail here.

Obviously predictions can't be 100% right every time, but were you shocked by these statistics?

Have you ever been disheartened by a grade you've received because your prediction was so overly optimistic?

Do you think you will achieve or exceed your predicted A level grades?

Its because it is literally just based on your teachers opinion of you. Its 80% their opinion and 20% evidence its incredibly stupid. I will 100% exceed my predicted grades, probably by at least 3 grades, especially because my school are so incredibly pessimistic and even based on my evidence i deserve predicteds of 2 grades higher