How to get a 40 in IB

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    Hey guys, so im in my final year of IB and i have four more months until my final Ib exams. I was wondering if i could get a few tips and strategies to achieve a 40?
    The IB is really very important to me and I really need it!

    Well, getting a 40 clearly involves lots of work and studying.
    For sciences you can use the Revision Guides, as they contain everything you need. Read through them, use a text marker to highlight key words and learn definitions. For processes or reactions you can use something like a flowchart diagram in order to visualise it. Then attempt some past papers as you have to be able to apply your knowledge.
    For English Lit and Lang it's really just practice and knowing the techniques used and being able to identify their purpose. It's fairly similar for other languages and history.
    Maths involves understanding the actual equations and being able to use them on many different types of questions so, again, past papers.

    Study, study, study

    Always do revision when ever you can. Knowing your stuff is key and its never to late to start studying, my Bio teacher told me before we closed school that we need to start revision now for our exams. Secondly study in a way that makes sense to you, also, use the course companions by Oxford UP and their Skills and Practice series. Ask your teachers for help, they tend to know better in most instances. Also, make sure you're setting a realistic goal for yourself and good luck!

    Check out this website for tips:

    I'd also say, try to use a range of revision methods (e.g. podcasts, flashcards, websites, with/without friends etc...). I think balance is very important. Also don't kill yourself studying. Don't forget to do sport/ eat healthily and try not to stress out too much. Keep on top of things. You'll do great!!! Good luck!
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Updated: December 29, 2016
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