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Lillian Knowles?

How's Lillian Knowles house? I will be moving in there in about a month. Anyone else living there? What sort of reputation does it have?
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Hey ppadru1... I will be living at LK also. Your coming from chicago, are you doing the general course? starting at the uni as a fresher? Masters? Apparently the place is still really nice as it's only 2 years old. I've herd some people say it's one of the better places to live.. but there isn't too much information out there about it because it is so new. The area is supposedly not to shady, right next to Spitalfields market... so lots of food options and shopping. I feel like the only downside is that it is a 30 min walk to LSE and the more exciting parts of london... but that isn't even that bad.

There is a facebook group for LK. The correct spelling is Lilian Knowles, but they have added an extra l to Lilian, so look for "Lillian Knowles 07-08" There are pictures of the outside of the place and the surronding area there. Lots of discussions and people. That will probably help you more.
Carr Saunders Halls, LSE
London School of Economics
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Im a GC student, yes, but I plan (or hope) to transfer in to LSE
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haha. Same! well with the transfer and the GC. I just feel like a degree from LSE would just look a bit better then a degree from my home university. Just have to remember to study and not play too hard. What will you be studying??
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I'm coming to Lilian Knowles in ONE MONTH now!! Scary!!

I'm going to be a Government undergrad and whilst I can't wait I am also extremely nervous!!!

I'm under the impression everyone else is feeling the same.

I'm 18 and have only been to London twice, I live in quite a small town not sure how i'm going to cope moving to the big city!!!

Anyone got any tips?????

Also I heard that Lilian knowles is predominantly postgrads, any truth to this????
It is mostly postgrads and it's not very social. But the rooms are nice and it's in a great neighborhood.
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Yea... I think Lillian Knowles is made up of about 60% postgrads, 20% General Course Students, 10% 1st year and 10% continuing.

I think small town to big city will be fun... you might be a bit homesick... but don't forget that just about everyone joining you in 1st year is in the same situation or can show you around and make you feel more at home.

Uni isn't as scary as people make it out to be, it's rather fun and you'll get the hang of it quickly. With all the GC and postgrad students in the building, we will all have had at least 2-4 years of uni experience and will be able to help you out and give advice where it's needed.

You'll have a blast... don't be nervous!!!!!
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For what it's worth, this hall is least plagued by problems as compared to the rest. I know because I have friends on various hall committees, who gather monthly to discuss issues that they're facing. You'll often hear about rats at Northumberland, cockroaches at HH, etc, but the only thing you'll hear from LK is that they require funding for cable TV. And I think that's been resolved now.
Ok thanks, I shall look forward to joining you all at Lilian knowles!!

4 Weeks to go!

See you soon xx

Bringing up the post grad thing again. Just so we know i have nothing against postgrads it's just i'm slightly paranoid about making friends when i get down there and i don't think any postgrads are gonna want to hang out with a an 18 year old undergrad!

What i want to ask is does anyone know if the 10% undergrads are all on the same floor??
I don't know if they will all be on the same floor. but they will group all the postgrads together. and the undergrads and GC students might mix floors, but you will probably be living with all UG at least.

At least thats the impression I got from other posts and emails.
o, side note... I'm no longer at LK... LK kept saying they didn't have my information and couldn't offer me a lease and the accommodation office said they were having issues with LK. Either way, I have been switched to High Holborn. Def no en-suite/large room... but i don't mind being closer to uni.

Good Luck to everyone here next year!
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hey even i am interested in switching from LK to either high holborn or northumberland...could you let me know how ur move was possible--- and what i shouls would be a great help :smile: