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Im thinking of getting this phone, so baisically i wanted to knw what ppl think of the phone, worth getting?

Pros and cons would be good too. Since the w910i is coming out soon, im a bit unsure if i should buy the w580i or not. Thanks!!
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i was gonna wait for the w910 but then was offered a good deal and went for the w580. so far its a mixed bag and im still not sure if im totally happy with it.
- the software is a little slower than my k750, particuarly when coming out of standby. its obviously nowhere near as bad as a nokia n-series tho.
- the speaker is behind the joypad/stick thing so the sound is muffled if you have the speaker on and then start doing something.
- the battery cover is a complete nightmare to get off but its not like you will have to do it much.
- the walkman software is version 2.0 and is good enough but i think the w910 may have the new 3.0 version, not sure about that mind.
- its not that easy to hold the phone and use the keypad, especially when texting; it can quickly get a bit uncomfortable but it may just depend on how your used to holding your phone/size of your hands etc etc.
- ive read that the buttons can actually split and over the weekend one of mine did just that. its still perfectly useable but it doesnt look as good and its not what you expect of a brand new phone. i will be taking mine back to be fixed.
- the screen is very clear and big but due to the shape of the phone i just end up constantly having to wipe my finger marks off it.
- it doesnt have a flash/light or autofocus on the camera but the quality isnt bad in natural light.

there are some plus points tho!
+ its thin and light.
+ it looks pretty cool.
+ it has (pointless) flashing lights.
+ it has fitness applications if your into that kind of thing.
+ the lumines game that came with mine is awesome.
+ and i mainly got it for the updated sony ericsson software which works very well (despite sometimes being a little slow as mentioned).

all in all I would probably wait until the w910 but remember that will be 3g and subsequently more expensive.

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