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I had a similiar debate on this last nite in the way music was to blame for Columbine. I personally HATE it when the media decides to atribute the really horrible things that happen in our society on one thing like violent movies, music or video games. I think that it gives the message 'hey its ok, your kid wil be fine as long as you dont let them listen to rap or watch violent films!' It just allows parents to be lazy.

At the end of the day when kids murder there are a whole range of issues around why they did it and the fact is not all kids who played manhunt are gonna go stabbing other kids! I've seen some of the game and yes i found it distasteful but i have been raised to have a good sense of morality and social awareness so would never consider going stabbing a kid dispite playing a game like that! If parents have a open relationship with their kids and have taught them well then i think they have decreased the risk of their child participating in destructive behaviours.

After all that-no I dont think manhunt should be banned but parents should be more aware of the games and films there kids watch
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