Should I do 4 HL for IB?

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    Hi everyone,

    I know that I can choose 4 HL for IB and also that it is likely to reduce the chance of getting higher total point.

    I was considering
    HL English Lit and Lang
    HL Math
    HL Econ
    HL History

    I really want to take these subjects because I thought of SL Math, but I did Add math in my IGCSE, so I feel like I should do HL for IB. Would it be okay if I drop math after a year? Or would it look bad for uni? I am also quite scared for English, because I am not excellent in English, but I really like it. ^^

    Any advice?


    I'm a year 2 IB student graduating in May whoop!

    My honest advice is: do what is right for you.

    However my kindest advice is: DO NOT DO IT IF YOU DO NOT NEED IT.

    There is no need to put that amount of stress on yourself even if you believe you can handle it because believing you can and actually being able to handle it are two different things. Secondly, talk to your college counsellor and get their opinion, talk to them about what you see yourself doing in the future.
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Updated: December 14, 2016
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