K-pop, and the end of an Era?

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Kpop has been with me throughout my childhood.

Coming to Asia, there wasn't much I had in common with my classmates. The first friend I made showed me this whole new genre of music that was quirky and catchy, and although I didn't understand a word- I loved it. It brought me together with people I'm glad to call my god friends. Like most things, I did "grow out of it" after a few years. Life was keeping me busy, and I felt like I'd matured- while Kpop hadn't.

Earlier this year I revisited this treasured part of my childhood, expecting relics of the past to have collected dust to be brought up for the odd "Throwback Thursday". What I found was very different. 2016 has been, arguably, the best year for kpop in a while. We've had bombastic breakout artists, and amazing comebacks. It's also, however, been quite a sad year too. With the disbanding of several groups *cough*2ne1*cough*, and the mistreatment of others (I'm looking at you SM. Stop starving your idols they look half-dead), it's been quite the emotional rollercoaster for a veteran fan like myself.

I was hoping 2016 would redeem itself with BigBangs comeback. It did. And then it broke my heart. :cry:

I'm salty over all the old groups that are being left behind, and want to know how (and which artists) it has influenced you.

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