Bio EE Urgent Help: Research question framing

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So I need my research question to be precise
It has to do with measuring colour detection between genders in central focus

So how do I frame it so it's clear well defined research question?

This is what I've framed as of now:

To what extent does gender play a role in colour identification (yellow purple violet) in human visual focus?

Or shall I make it Does gender genetical precomposition play a role in colour identification in human visual focus?

Can you help me frame my question please? Thank you
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If you do some research on colour vision in humans, you will come across the trichromatic (literally, of three colours) theory of colour vision, which is proven. Colour vision is effected by the cones, of there are three types: red (long wavelength), green (middle wavelength) and blue (short wavelength). Colour discrimination is achieved by the comparison in the visual cortex (Broca's area 17) and the visual association areas (Broca's areas 18 and 19, where comparisons of curent visual input are made with past visual expeiences as well as with info about other sensory modalities) in the back of the brain (the occipital cortex) by taking account of the relative degree of stimulation of the three types of cones, respecively.

Central focus refers to the area of the visual field that is being directly looked at, and whose image on the retina falls on the fovea, and specifically, the macula densa (known to the general public as the "yellow spot"); this is the part of the retina with the most dense concentration of cones per unit area of retinal surface area.

So, I would suggest a title the likes of your first option but modified as follows:

"What, if any, are the qualitative and quantitative differences in red, green and blue colour discrimination between the two genders with reference to central (macular) visual focus?"

Hope this helps.

Mukesh (A Level Biology tutor, ex-medic)

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