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Hello student room,

I am very confused about what I should do at university right now, and I thought that you guys could help and offer me information and advice.

Basically, I've narrowed my choices down to six unis and two types of degrees. My main interests are languages (esp. french and german) and drama/theatre. I have to choose between doing a French and Drama joint honours degree, whilst improving my German through german societies/extra lessons outside etc. and doing a French and German joint honours degree whilst exploring drama through societies.

I originally decided to do French and Drama whilst carrying on German outside of my degree, but I discovered that hardly any unis have language lessons outside the degree that go up to or beyond my level in the language (I have an AS level in German). I planned to go to Germany during holiday time using erasmus to improve my German, and, (this might sound really naive) maybe do some work experience in a german gallary or theatre. However, I then found out that you have to be on a work placement/on a course of study there for a minimum of three months to be eligable for erasmus funding. I think that's the case anyway. I'm highly confused.

Therefore, annoyingly, it seems that if I really want to improve my German, I would have to ditch Drama and do German as part of my degree instead. I have been reassured that there are lots of drama societies that I can join. However, how many drama societies and shows can I realistically be apart of whilst working on my degree? Would I ever be able to get as much out of drama societies as I could out of a drama degree? I have been told that I would realistically only be able to perform in one society show at a time throughout my degree. I'm not sure if this is enough involvement in drama for me.

If it helps, after my degree I plan to either do a postgraduate MA in translation, or a postgraduate MA in acting. In my future I'd like to do work in translation and acting and do creative things. I'm not sure if this helps and I'm not sure if this would even be possible, but one thing I've considered doing in the future is being a free-lance translator/actor. The universities I am interested in are Warwick, Bristol, Royal Holloway, Lancaster, Exeter and Edinburgh.

By the way, I'm on a gap year and already have my A level grades, and they meet the entry requirements for the courses I'm interested in at these universities. It's all about making decisions and finishing off my personal statement now.

Thank you so much for your time.

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