Blepharitis and swollen eye lids. Watch

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So I have been having blepharitis and eye lid problems for over 5 years now. Really bad swollen eye lids and eye infections and problems with the left side of my face drooping a little bit in the last two years because of the swollen eye lids. About 7 months ago I had an eye infection and I got an eye antibiotic which took away the swelling in my lower eye lids and my face got better. I was really happy about this and I basically stopped putting the heat mask over my eye's and cleaning my eyes. So my eye lids got ever worse and swelled up even more and my face drooping got worse. Plus I now get eye strain and sensitivity to light from my laptop, and have problem focusing in the left eye. I also have been getting Sinusitis which gives me a really bad head and neck. I have also been getting ingrowing eye lashes. So many, many problems with my eyes in the last 6 months.

So I went to the optician doctor at the clinic and he gave me oil drops and special dandruff killing shampoo, told me to keep using the heat mask and sort of rub my eye lids after using it to get the oils moving around in my eye lids. So I don't have dandruff anymore now and I have been doing the heat mask, oil drops and eye rubbing every 3 hours for the past keep, my top eye lids feel like puddles and are really wet. Is this a good sign and will the swelling in my eye lids go down if I keep doing what I am doing? Also when I have been waking up for the past few day's I have a blurry right eye because of the watery stuff in my eye lid.

Has anyone else had this terrible, chronic blepharitis problem and swollen eyes and got the swelling to go away totally or at least get a lot better? As I just want to pull my eye lids off sometime because they look really bad and are so annoying, they are making it hard for me to see and focus.

Basically I am just wanting to hope from other peoples experience that it will get better?
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I suffer from this too

Sometimes I get it and it only lasts a few days and then might not come back for months and then other times I have it for months and seems like it'll never go away but it always does.

I've never found eye drops to be much use tbh. I use luke warm water to clean my eyes every day when its at its worst and that seems to help. I'd say its a good sign if your routine is helping. Blepharitis is recurrent though and things like stress can trigger a relapse and it can often feel like as soon as you have gotten over one period of it, another one starts

The worst part for me is blurry vision, the pain and then I always feel exhausted and like I got zero sleep, even if I slept for hours because my eyes feel constantly heavy and fatigued from the moment I woke up.

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