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so on friday it's one of my close friends birthdays and she's hired out the downstairs of a club for it. i've been clubbing before and don't mind it but usually prefer not to. however as it's her birthday i feel i have to go and i do want to go and have a good night but i'm SO anxious about it. i don't know a single person there apart from my friend and her boyfriend and all the people going are very much 'party' types who will probably be off their faces drunk by the time i get there so not sure how well i'll get on with them. also we're not having pre drinks before everyone's meeting at the club which is also giving me anxiety because i hate showing up to things alone but i have to. just honestly need some advice on how to relax as i don't want to bail as it's her birthday but i don't want to spend the night feeling like i'm going to have a panic attack
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Just go there with an open mind and don't feel forced to do anything you don't want to do. If you enjoy dancing then that's fine, just do that and if the others are drinking and getting pissed then don't feel obliged to do it as well. Who knows maybe they won't get super pissed straight away and you can enjoy the evening with them. Don't think about it too much, just go to enjoy yourself

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