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Teaching agencies?! How do they work?

Hi there,

I've heard so much talk about teaching agencies , and in all honesty, I'm not sure what they are.
I've heard some people say sign up for as many as you can, and others say 2-3 max. I honestly thought agencies were for people wanting to do supply work only?

I plan to become a NQT in the next couple years. After completing my QTS, what is next? I assumed you just went online, searched for jobs on career websites e.g indeed, applied for as many as you can, and hope for the best? That's when I begun to read about agencies and I was clueless.

Can someone please explain to me in as much detail about agencies, what they are etc. I will want a permanent full time job when I finish my qts, not supply or teaching assistant work.

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For permanent positions, eteach is one of the key job sites that schools use to advertise jobs. As you say, it will be a case of applying for suitable positions and hoping for the best.

Agencies provide supply and temporary/fixed-term work. People sign up to them for a variety of reasons: they might not want a full time/permanent position or they might not have managed to secure a position through a school or, in the case of trainees, they provide opportunities to do some supply work in the last few weeks of the summer term once you've finished your training.

Schools use agencies to fill positions quickly and to cast a wider net when looking for staff. If you get a job via an agency, the agency is your employer, not the school. The school pays a fee to the agency, the agency takes their cut and then pays the remainder to you. Sometimes a job through an agency can lead to a school offering you employment with them. Different agencies have different pay rates and some schools work almost exclusively with one agency, so it is worth signing up to a couple of agencies. I don't think there's much point in signing up to every single one, though.

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