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I'm eligible for the the highest amount of bursary given from all of my chosen uni's because my family income is low. I think it's great because if for any reason I needed to buy something a bit expensive (e.g a new laptop) then I can get it myself and not inconvenience my family because we don't have a lot.

However, my friend who isn't eligible for any bursary because her family income is too high complains that it's unfair because not all parents are willing to give their kids money.

what do you think, is it unfair?
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It is unfair, but it's the best the system can do at the moment.

The fairest way woud be to link the variable portions of SF and uni bursaries, to the amount of financial support actually provided by parents to students, rather than the parents' base income. However, proving that and policing it would be too expensive and politically unpopular. You'd need a new department of SF with the legal power to check things like bank accounts, savings accounts etc, to snoop about and see what money was going where, otherwise the system would be easy to cheat.

I suppose the fairest of all ways would be to give all students the same amount of funding - enough to live on - regardless of household income. But that would be massively expensive and again, politically unpopular. Also, there's no precedent for it as there hs always been some element of household income calculation to Student Finance. I first went to uni in the early 1980s and even with the non-repayable grant system, there was still a calculation of entitlement based on parental income.

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