I want to do a past paper for business & commuincations but I need the files...

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I want to do this paper from the AQA website, http://filestore.aqa.org.uk/subjects...9-QP-JUN15.PDF but I cannot find the files that are needed to complete this paper. Does anyone know where I could get them
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The paper you have found is last years controlled assessment. If you are trying to revise for your controlled assessment, one thing I learnt with doing mine is that you can't actually revise for it and I got an A*. Main thing is to be prepared really well with your annotations and your drafts for the logo, documents etc. The great thing about this assessment is that you can take everything you need with you so all you have to do during the exam time is to recreate what you did beforehand.

Process of how I did my controlled assessment-
WHEN GIVEN RESEARCH TASK - do as much research as possible about the task, e.g. mine was about creating memorabilia for celebrating WW1. I did research on WW1 itself and looked at memorabilia like mugs and shirts to give me inspiration for doing the graphics part of the assessment.

MAKE LOGO- make sure you have a logo. Although it's not part of the mark scheme it does help give marks for when you add it to the letter and leaflet as it makes it look sophisticated. I generated a logo from a website and saved it onto a memory stick so I could take it with me to the actual exam.

DRAFT, DRAFT, DRAFT- for my assessment we had to produce a letter, poster, order form, database and an actual piece of memorabilia. Experiment doing these things on the computer using the different softwares and see which works best. When satisfied, draw/write out what you did on the computer onto paper as you will be allowed to take drafts into the exam. Write the colours used, font used, font size used and try to make these factors consistent throughout as it makes you seem sophisticated and reliable.

ANNOTATIONS- this was probably the hardest thing I had to do from the controlled assessment. What I did was go to my teacher and ask her to see last years controlled assessments that got A* and I jotted down some of their annotations because they could be adapted to suit my task. Asking friends is also quite useful as they can give you ideas too. In your annotations, try to link your research and what you did. For example, I added the poppy to my memorabilia because I found in my research that it is on nearly all of the WW1 memorabilia products. Moreover, it is a very noticeable and eye catching image, easily recognisable and associated to WW1. Just blab on really. Repetition was quite common in my annotations as well. Kept saying the same things in nearly all of the things I made. Once you are satisfied with your annotations, jot them onto paper.

BEFORE EXAM- make sure you take ALL your drafts into the exam. I left my annotations for the poster and so was left to make things on the spot. I think you get 4 hours to do the task. Before the exam, plan your time out e.g. I will spend x minutes making the poster and y minutes on annotations. Make sure you save any pictures onto a memory stick as you aren't allowed to use the internet. Don't stress either, you have plenty of time. In fact, this girl finished in a solid 1 hour 30 and went home after. Mind you, she had prepared tonnes, everything A-Z.

DURING EXAM- try and stick to your time plan. If it doesn't go accordingly, don't worry. Try and finish the documents and computer based stuff in 3 hours so you can leave plenty of time for the annotations. I found that during the exam, I had come up with so many new annotations.

God that took long. Anyways, hope that made sense and if you need help, just ask.

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