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I'm in 5th year right now and I'm doing:
Higher English (expected A)
Higher Geography (expected B)
Higher Modern Studies (expected A)
Higher Physical Education (expected A) (crash)
Higher Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies (expected A) (crash)

Last year I did 5 national 5s (but failed biology) and 2 national 4s (hospitality and maths)

In forth year I was so irresponsible but yet managed to get myself AABC at national 5s (although you may think that's really bad, my amount of effort and health etc really did affect it but yeah obviously still my fault)

anyway I'm doing pretty well this year and to make up for such a bad 4th year I want to get the same amount of highers as I would have if I had done nat5 maths in 4th year

today I chose for my 6th year:
Advanced Higher English
Advanced Higher Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies
Higher Politics
Higher History
National 5 Maths

is this too much? I'd be doing the national 5 maths at the local college 3 hours evening a week
is it too much to juggle this lot as well as a possible msyp (member of scottish youth parliament) place as well as maybe doing caritas?

I know for Scottish unis I don't need that much but these are subjects I genuinely love (apart from maths; I just need to do that one) and I also want to prove to myself I am capable

Any advice would be appreciated, thank you!

((I'm hoping to study a social science degree with honours in Politics and Sociology after sixth year))

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