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Hi! My name is Ivan and I'm a year 9 student. I really enjoy learning, and hopefully this will motivate me to actually study and keep up with my homework! Here is some information about me:

Subjects and Target Grades-
in brackets are the school target grades, outside are the ones I would like to achieve.

Biology OCR (7/8) 9
Chemistry OCR B (7/8) 9
English Language AQA (7/8) 8
English Literature AQA (7/8) 9
History Edexcel (7/8) 9 ---> My favourite subject!
ICT Short Course WJEC (D2) D2
Maths Edexcel (7/8) 9
Physics OCR (7/8) 7/8
R.S. Short Course AQA (7/8) 8
Sociology AQA (7/8) ?
Spanish Edexcel (7/8) 8
AS Philosophy AQA (B) A

As you can see I have set myself high target grades... I hope they aren't too unrealistic!


From reception to the beginning of year 4, I attended a really bad school. My brother was badly bullied, and eventually my parents moved me to a much better private school. I enjoyed it much more there, but then at the beginning of year 6 I moved to another private school, which was much worse. I was in a class of 10, and they all hated me! So that was a nightmare. But I passed my 11+, and now I'm at a really good grammar school (being transgender in an all-female school isn't too fun though, ahaha). I suffer from hypomobility which affected me a lot when I was younger, and while it isn't really a problem anymore it's still a motivation for me to work hard.


I will be doing my R.S. and I.T. Short course GCSE's in year 10 (2018) and then the rest of them in year 11 like normal. My school makes them compulsory which is a bit of a pain, haha. I come from a really intelligent family and my elder brother (currently in year 11) did a lot of his GCSEs early and got very good grades, so I need to beat him! :P Anyway, I have a lot of fun studying most of my subjects and I really hope to do well.

Anyway, if you have any tips or questions please don't hesitate to reply!
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Hi! I suppose it's time for my first proper update. Happy new year's eve! I've attached a picture of some Philosophy notes I've just finished off. The quality and lighting isn't great, but hopefully you can get an idea of how I roughly set out my notes.

How I Study Philosophy (+Tips) :
So far in my course, we've done two topics- Plato & Aristotle and Mind, Body and Soul. Next time I start Existence of God. At the beginning of the first term I put dividers in my folder and labelled them with the list of topics I'll be studying this year- however, some of them do overlap.

Learn Key Words-
My teacher stresses this a lot and it is really important. I would recommend making a glossary, either by making a list which you regularly update or fill in a table with specific topic headers for the key words (that's what I did). A lot of words come up a lot, and without important key words it's much harder to write essays and answer questions. Flashcards are really good for this, so I would regularly test myself and make sure I can explain them in detail and give examples if necessary.

Understand Concepts-
If you don't understand an argument or idea when you learn it, you won't suddenly understand it when it comes to the exam. If you can't ask your teacher to go over it again with you, try seeing if you have any books in school that will explain it that aren't too heavy going (my school is really good for this- we have bookcases along multiple walls just for Philosophy books). YouTube videos are also really good- CrashCourse has a Philosophy playlist and there's probably lots of other videos for specific concepts.

Comparing Philosophers-
I personally found it easier to remember which philosopher believed what by comparing/contrasting them to others on the same ideas. For this, I would usually make a mind map and link together the ones that believed similar and explain around the map differing ideas. As well as this, scholars also come up a lot and I'm expected to reference these in my essays and tests. Flashcards can also work for this- on one side list the person (and book if you want, I usually put this on the other side) and then explain briefly their views on the other side and go more in depth when testing yourself.

I hope this helps! This is just my personal method of studying :P

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I just started mine so...


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