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I'm studying the Iliad as part of the course, and wondered if any further reading would be helpful for essays and exams. I've read a couple of translations of the odyssey, but is there anything else that might be worth reading? Also is there any point in reading ancient history non-fiction as an aid for class civ despite me not taking ancient history?
I'm also studying Greek art and architecture, is there any further reading that might be helpful for this?

Nathan R
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For the Iliad, the best reading resource in my opinion is Peter Jones' Homer's Iliad - A companion to three translations.
In addition, if you want to view the Iliad from a slight different perspective from Homer, then Euripides' Rhesus is worth reading. You can get several free English translations on the internet.
Aside from that, the best reading resources is revision websites: Spark notes, Cliffsnotes, LitCharts, Get Revising and GradeSaver.

With regards to ancient history, I would say there is no valid reason in reading non-fiction history, unless you wish to pursue classics or a classics related course at university or simple enjoy reading it.

I am not able to comment on Greek art and architecture as I do not know myself unfortunately.

Good-luck with your course.

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