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Reading list for geography

Hi, i was just wondering if there were any 2nd or 3rd year geography students who could let me no which books of the reading list for geography are needed.
And if they were willing to sell them, i would be interested in buying them.
hey there i am gona start geography this year too :smile: what are you doing BSC or BA?
Waterfront bar, King's College
King's College London
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Hi, yea i doing a BA in geography, but only really interested in human geography so might swap and do development geography!
All ready for uni?
yeah i think so, just got to sort my finances out and stuff like that they got my name wrong again on the forms :P they did this in high school and college lol. Where are located for accomodation?
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hello, im also taking geog but only interested in the human aspect of it, do you think it will be a wise move to switch to development geography?
not sure myself being that i am in the same boat going there for the first time myself, i guess it all depends on the individual, anyway i think after a while we will get our own feel's for what we like best :smile:
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When i went on the open day at kings they said that it was pretty easy to switch to do development geography, but will see what the BA geography is like before i swap.
Have any of you guys started getting any of the books of the reading list?
I'm guessing you'll be needing an Atlas? Ok, guys, I am soooooooooo sorry, but couldn't resist that one. :wink: It probably just highlights my ignorance! Hehe!
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ohdear, here come all the lame geography jokes :frown: . and no i havn't started to get the reading list yet, i think i will wait till the start of term
hey guys i got a list through today :smile: well a few days ago but it went to the wrong address lol. anyone else got it through?
Hey. I'm not actually going to do Geography, but this was posted in a KCL 2007 facebook group. Hope it helps! x

-the two-mile time machine: ice cores, abrupt climate change and our future. (Alley RB)
- Natures metropolis; chicago and the great west. (Cronon,W)
-Collapse Viking. (Diamon, J)
-Sophie's World. (Gaarder, J)
- Biodiversity: An introduction, 2nd ed. (Gason, K + Spicer, JI)
- Age of Extremes: the short twentieth century. (Hobsbawm, E)
- Science, Philosophy and physical geography. (Inkpen R)
-Preparing for the twenty-first century. (Kenny, P)
-No Logo. (Klein, N)
- The skeptical environmentalist. (Lomborg, B)
- Global Warming: a very short introduction. (Maslin, M)
-The age of consent; a manifesto for a new world order. (Monbiot, G)
- Plows, Plagues, and Petroleum: How Humans Took Control of Climate. (Ruddiman, WF)
- So shall we Reap: whats gone wrong with the worlds food- and how to fix it. (Tudge, C)

- The arts: good study guide, (Chambers, E & Northedge, A)
- Study skills for geography students: a practical guide [2nd ed] . (Kneale, P)
- A guide to learning independently . (Marshall, L and rowland, F)
-The Good study guide, open university (Northedge, A)
- The students companion to geography. (Rogers,A , Viles, H and Goudie, AS)
- The students writing guide for the arts and social sciences. (Taylor, G)

- Key methods in geography. (Clifford, N & Valentine, G)
- Introducing human geographies. (Cloke, P .,Crang, P & Goodwin, M)
-Key concepts in geography. (Holloway, S., Rice, S & VAlentine, G)
-Geography and geographers[6th ed] . (Johnston, R & Sidaway, S
-Introducing Physical geography [3rd ed] ( strahler, A)

(in additional to texts below read broadsheet papers and economist on regular basis to widen your knowledge on contemporary human geography issues)
- Politics and the environment: from theory to practice. (connelly, J)
-Gems, Guns and Steel. (diamond, J)
-The Dictionary of human geography [4th ed] . (Johnston, RJ)
-The geography of the world economy [3rd ed] . (Knox, pl & agnew, JA)
- Urban Social Geography: an introduction [5th ed] (Knox, pl &agnew, JA)
-Human Societies, [7th ed] . (Lenski, G.,Nolan,P & Lenski, J)
- Political Geography [3rd ed] . (Taylor, PJ)
- Geographies of Consumption (Mansvelt, J)

-Mediterranean desertification and land use. (Brandt, CJ * thornes, JB
-The Big Smoke. (Brimblecombe, P)
-The global casino: an introduction to environmental issues [3rd ed] . (Middleton, N)
-Global Environmental Change. (Moore, PD)
- Environmental Science for environmental management. (Riordan, T)
- Geographies of agriculture: globalisation, restructuring and sustainability. (Robinson, G)
-An introduction to tropical rainforests. (Whitmore, TC)

- What is this thing called science? [2nd ed] (Chalmers, AF)
- Physical Geography: Its Nature and Methods (Haines- Young, R and Petch, J)
-Geography: History and Concepts, [2nd ed] . (Holt-Jensen, A)
- Geography and Geographers: Anglo-American Human Geography Since 1945, [4th ed]

-Fundamentals of the physical environmental Change, [3rd ed] .(Briggs, DJ and Smithson, PA, Addison, P and Atkinson, K)
-Environmental Change, [3rd ed] .(Goudie, AS)
-Physical Geography, Science and Systems of the Human Environment. (Strahler, A)