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Hey there,
Sorry to be cliche but do I have a chance?

I'm an American student in the U.S studying at a international school - I'm currently in my first year of the IB program (so year 12).

Some of my GCSE results (because I don't remember all)
English Lit - A* (I actually got a certificate from Cambridge University stating I was one of the 'best in the world' in the world for this examination as I got 100%)
English Lang - A*
History - A*
Economics - A*
Psychology - A
Math - B
Spanish - E (let's not talk about that, let's pretend that E means excellent. We kept having new Spanish teachers, and it was a disaster - I take French now and do very well in it).
Basically a lotta A*'s and A's, B's, (but 1 E and 1 D, the E explained above - the D was in media which we had to do and I had a horrible group that I had to work with and the coursework brought me down).

In IB I do:
HL Economics
HL English Lit
HL History
SL French ab initio
SL Biology
SL Math studies

For all my HL classes I'm predicted a 7 in each, and that will be pretty manageable.
I think overall I will get about 35-41
TOK, EE - those are all good.

I have a particular passion for history and politics, and would some day like to go into politics. The past few summers I've done political courses/programs such as the National Student Leadership Conference (basically a week long course - I got to hear/meet a few Senators, hear from a few directors of political groups like Cato etc).

I've volunteered for a few political campaigns, and had a internship with Americans for Tax Reform. Also I volunteer closely with a foundation for a rare genetic disorder, and I got involved with this group when I was really young (because I have that disorder) and my interest in politics really stems from this as I saw individuals who had conditions waaaay worse then me, and fell in 'love' so to speak with volunteering and helping that I wanted to do the same with local politics (I.e: volunteering with congressmen, getting involved in local elections, etc).

I'm applying also this year to be in the Senate Page program during the summer.
I do a lot of reading of history and am very well up to date. I also have a internship with a congressman and intern at my local political party organization.

I founded and chaired our school's Model UN team, and am in talks with the history department to start a Historical club at our school.

I'm very good at debate and public speaking, and was elected Head Boy at my school.

Do you think that this is good for History and Politics at Oxford? I'm only really interested in applying to Oxford UK college wise, because I'm already looking at around 5 schools in the U.S (Georgetown, George Washington, American, and a few others).

I had a deep interest in PPE but math is not a strong point of mine and I don't think I'd be good at the math needed for undergraduate economics - plus most of my interest lies in history and politics, I do like philosophy but I really wouldn't want to study it in depth.

I think I could do well on the interview part of the Oxford application - as I've read/watched a lot about it, and though the questions are hard, I'm really good at speaking, debate, et cetera that I think I could keep them entertained and be on their knees begging for me! (by the way, I am being sarcastic here - I'm really not full of it).

So what do you think? Also what can I do to improve my chances (as I won't be applying till late 2017).
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I think that you don't really have to ask this question. Sorry to mention something irrelevant, but I have seen a lot of others asking this type of question "Do you have a chance for A at Oxford/Cambridge ?"...
I don't think it's wrong to ask that question, I just think it's unnecessary, for most. For now, everyone has a fair shot at Oxford or Cambridge unless your grades are too low such that it doesn't meet their requirements. Apart from that, you all have a probability of being accepted. Whether that chance is high or not is contextually debatable, but based on what you have provided, you may have a fair shot. As long as you have an in-depth understanding of your subject and satisfy all their requirements, which you are indicating you do, there is no reason why you don't have a chance.
With a lot of experience in extracurricular but subject-related activities, I think you might have an edge over other applicants, as long as your engagement and participation also means you learn a lot from it, otherwise it only demonstrates your enthusiasm (which is not excetionally hard to show and can be done without the need of so many activities).
Your grades seem fine. The low ones are, to be honest, pretty terrible, but as you mention, there are extenuating circumstances, so you can definitely tell your school to explain the situation in their references. Of course, I highly doubt that this will entirely solve the problem, but something has to be done. Oxford will never like to see awful grades but anyway, you shouldn't be worried too much. Those subjects with low grades are not closely related to the major you want to pursue, so they might not play a too major role.
Sorry if this hurts your eyes, I have a tendency of writing whatever I think without caring about the length so

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