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(Original post by Max Plank)
i'd love to start some low level programming but i dont really kno where to start. I understand all the parts required of the OS (Kernel ect....) but where to start. I have NASM Assembler but I donnt think its been used.
Where I started and what I recommend is The Art of Assembly Language by Randall Hyde. This book is all about 16-bit assembly, which is where you should definitely start; you don't want to get into the woes of 32-bit protected mode without a solid grounding in basic, 16-bit assembly first!

(Original post by Max Plank)
We had to do some JavaScript crud at A Level and i have never seen a worse *programming* language. Every page you make looks different on every other computer/brower and you have to write to lines of JavaScript for each one line- one for netscape browers and one for the mighty IE.
I wouldn't blame JavaScript for that, I'd blame the lack of communication (and subsequent co-operation) between Netscape's developers and MS IE's developers when they implemented DHTML. Still can't say I'm the greatest fan of Java stuff though!

(Original post by Max Plank)
Hmm i could of used OpenGl/Direct X but VB can crash all by itself thank you very much - it doesnt need "Error 392 DirectX error" thown it too. . Or my favorite error -the program just drops back down to the desktop! With no error message , just a smugness only microsoft could design.
Yes, I suppose you're right!

My favourite one is the completely unhelpful and ubiquitous 'Automation Error'. Seems to crop up in loads of places all the time with no obvious or even logical explanation.

(Original post by Max Plank)
If i ever see "Microsoft Jet Engine has suffered a fatal error" again i will personally deface every Microsoft product I every buy.
i'd love to try C++. Whats visual C++ like?
Yeah, I used Jet too, via DAO.

Visual C++ is alright, but I prefer the GNU compiler collection. I think VC++ will only spew out Windows stuff, so useless for low-level development. The IDE is quite nice though!
Max Plank
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Who has posted started an almost identical thread to mine on http://www.uk-student.info/???????
Click here to http://www.ukstudent.info/Scared_About_University_P125/ to see!
Crazy ppl!

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