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    I'm currently selecting subjects and I submitted mine last week -- they were:
    1. English A HL
    2. Spanish Ab Initio
    3. Economics HL
    4. Chemistry HL
    5. Math HL
    6. Music SL

    I was (and still am) apprehensive about doing Music since I'm doing it for my IGCSEs and its one of my more uncomfortable subjects. However, I was informed by my coordinator that my school is unable to provide Chemistry for Group 4 due to lack of numbers (everyone's doing it for Group 6). Therefore I am left with a few options
    - Choosing Bio SL and Music SL
    - Choosing ESS SL and Music SL
    - Choosing Physics SL and Music SL
    - Choosing ESS SL and Chem HL
    - Choosing Bio SL and Chem HL

    I'm doing 4 HLs to see which one suits me best since I'm still undecided between English Lit HL and Chem HL and then I'll drop one. Personally, I don't really enjoy Biology or Physics that much. My grades aren't terrible at IGCSEs but personally they're not subjects I like studying or revising for. Chemistry is my favourite science and I really want to do it. Some people have suggested choosing ESS SL and Chem HL but I've read that ESS is a soft subject. If I do decide to choose ESS, will it affect my university applications? Also, in the future if I drop Chem HL (then my two options are ESS SL and Chem SL), would it be considered "not challenging myself", thereby affecting my uni applications?
    I'm from Vietnam and some of my teachers have suggested doing the billingual diploma. Is it extra workload? Are there major benefits of doing the billingual diploma?

    Thank you!
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Updated: December 28, 2016
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