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Vacuum Cleaners!!!!!!!

I was wondering what happened with cleaning our rooms
(I'll be in Founders)
is there a vaccum cleaner everyone uses or what?

I reckon a mini hand vaccuum cleaner (car vaccuum) would be useful, dunno how well they work tho
i kinda always wanted an excuse to buy one as luggin the normal vac to my room where i am now is irriating and i always miss bits anyways
and like, end up not vaccuming again for months
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They're provided to you
Founders Building, Royal Holloway
Royal Holloway
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ok cool, that is good news although it is a shame i have no excuse to buy a hand vacuum,
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You don't want to be wasting money on things you don't need - you need to save it up for buying booze :biggrin:
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i may change my mind but I cannot imagine bringing myself to spend a large amount of money on alcohol... O_____o
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There's a cleaning cupboard on each floor, at each end of Founder's. The annoying thing is the process to get the hoover...which is why my flatmates and I always got one person to get it out, then we'd all use it rather than making multiple trips downstairs.