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    Hey guys, first post here and I really need some help with my UCAS application form, due to a family tragedy while studying for my A levels, I dropped out six months before finishing them (although I had already picked up my History A level in that January, due to fast tracking), which was a stupid decision, and I have been working full time since.

    Anyways, currently I'm doing doing some by mail A level courses to finish off what I should have done last year, with my exams scheduled for Jan (AS) and June (A2) and I'm fairly confident of at least B'ing both courses, thus why I'm applying for Uni, as it'll give me an overall score of ABB if all goes well.

    But the issue with this, is when it comes to my reference, I've got my employer to give me one (Local Magistrate, Managing Director of a 4* hotel, bigwig in the local Tory party all good), however the sticking point is the predicted grades part, obviously he can't fill that out, and not being at 6th form I don't have a teacher to give them to me. Now I'm not sure whether or not, I could get my tutor from the courses I'm on to give them to me, but then I'd have to get them to do my reference wouldn't I ? (which would be another sticking point as they've never met me and it would make the whole point of a reference obsolete) and what if I go with my employer and leave the predicted grades blank, but my marks as 'pending' in the education part of my form, would the Unis look at my previous marks and make an educated guess, or would they just consider I could get anything and just toss out the application, this is hugely important as one of the Uni's I'm considering Applying to is LSE, which has a normal offer of ABB for the course which I want.

    Any help or suggestions as to what I should do, or the correct procedure for such circumstances would be great! as it's the last thing I have to do on my apply form, and I want to get it in as soon as possible, to maximise my chances of LSE (admittedly not that big anyways) and not have to settle for something second best.
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    Ask your tutor for your predicted grades, get your employer to right the reference and bung the tutors predictions in the predicted grades box. Let your employer know what you're doing and give him the contact details for your course tutor so that *if* any admissions staff get in touch asking about the predicted grades he'll be able to pass on the contact details for your tutor.

    As PQ said, your tutor can still give you predicted grades based on the work you've done so far without actually writing your reference. I think you might need predicted grades to apply, but even if you could apply without them, it might be too much of a risk for top unis like LSE to give you an offer when they really have no idea what you're capable of. Also, does your employer know about your family tragedy? It would be a good idea to have that mentioned to explain why you dropped out, otherwise top unis might be a bit funny about you taking longer than the standard 2 years to complete your A-levels and they might assume you're resitting.
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    Yeah the employer is aware of it, I asked him to slyly insert it somewhere, so it doesn't just look like I'm a waster and I dropped out of my A levels for no reason (although A'ing A2 History six months before everyone else in the class even took the exam has to show something), hopefully it will count as something positive that I have returned to them and have shown the commitment to do them outside the classroom environment which is harder without the assistance of a teacher.

    My only worry is if my tutor won't give me predicted grades based on the fact I've only handed in 1 module of AS work so far, just polishing off the last two modules and have the exam scheduled for Jan, if they say they can't provide a predicted grade based on that, then I'm a little screwed, unless someone knows a way around it ? (of course I would wait a while until I've handed in all three modules and then get the predicted grade, but every day wasted, causes my tiny chances of getting into LSE to diminish). Because I sure as hell don't want to pass A2's in June, and have to wait to September 2009 just because of clerical issues especially given the strength of reference I should get from my employer (LSE alumni at that ).

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