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    I have currently finished my A Levels and I'm taking a gap year. I was wondering if anyone had any idea what I should be doing during my year out, I have interviews for job, but other than that I have no idea what to do. People say volunteering is good, but where is the best place, also should I be doing anything abroad?? Please if you have any idea, could you inform me straight away. I am thinking of applying for biomed, maths, dentistry, or even accounting. Thank you

    Well, I took a Gap Year, I had a good job to go to which helped my CV, (as a violin teacher, I was really lucky).

    If you are not thinking of any travelling then I really think its important to get a job which relates to what you wanna do.

    Be forward and be prepared to do alot of work for free if you really wanna get your CV good.

    Universities love variety and that you have done something different. They like the fact that you have put yourself out for people.

    Message me if you want any other tips, I dunno if this helped but my Gap Year was so worthwhile. I wouldnt have changed a thing

    I'm on my gap year now, and not regretting my decision at all, despite feeling slightly jealous of my friends who've already started uni... (Cos I know I will go eventually..)

    At the moment I'm just working, earn some money so that uni will be slightly easier.. But I plan on doing a bit of travelling, maybe going to Africa (wanna do development studies or sth like that at uni... )
    Oh, and I do a bit of volunteering as well, which is nice.. I'm in the Red Cross, in something called 'the visiting service' (don't know if it exists in the UK), so every week I visit this old, lonely lady for about an hour, helping her to walk a little,and then just talking to her, keeping her company.. It's such a little thing, but it makes her life better, and it makes me feel better too, when she tells me how much she's looking forward to seeing me again..
    Also, I will start doing some language courses in a couple of weeks, in Spanish and Swahili(!) Spanish because I've always wanted to, and because I have a Spanish stepmum, so learning her language would make her happy. Swahili because Africa is what I want to focus on in my studies, and therefore knowing a little bit of an African language is always an advantage..

    I'm also having a blast with my friends at home, since I've been away to study in the UK on and off for about two years now...

    If I was you, I would try getting some work experience, for example with a dentist, in an accountancy firm or sth like that.. Even if you decide that it's not really anything for you, at least you've made that discovery, and can cross that off your list of possible courses..
    Travelling is always good, learning a little bit about other countries, opening your eyes to other parts of the world etc..

    Volunteering can easily be done through something called "youth in action", which is a programme sponsored by the EU, letting you travel to another EU country to work for some kind of organisation.. Check out their website, http://ec.europa.eu/youth/yia/index_en.html

    my lengthy advice about volunteering abroad and general gap year things :p:

    You might also want to consider Year in Industry or UK-based voluntary work.

    What would you like to gain from your year out?

    Just to give you an idea of what other people to do (all be it a little less adventorous). I just worked my gap year in a steady but reliable job, as a technical advisor for BT.

    It wasn't directly related to what i'm doing at uni (science teacher), but as my interviewer for the course said, he wanted me because through working for a full year I demonstrated that I was A) employable and B) determined.

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