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I enrolled in my first university course in September 2013. I left the course in December 2014 for personal reasons and have been travelling and working since then. I am now considering a return to studying in September 2017 or '18 and am unsure as to whether I would be eligible for the same financial support as before.

The only information I can find is that SFE will support you only for your first completed degree, but I can't find clear info for someone who left a degree and returns to studies several years later. The degree I plan to do would be a different course, and probably a different university.

For those who REALLY know their stuff, perhaps you could also advise on this added circumstance: when originally studying I was resident in England applying for university on Scotland. Now I am resident in Scotland and will be applying for courses nationwide (Wales, England and Scotland all on the cards). I have no experience with SAAS, but could (and would probably) be applying for tuition support through them this time. I don't know in what way this complicates things.

All advice greatly appreciated!

Tiger Rag
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Where have you been living for the last 3 years?

You're entitled to length of course + 1 - previous years study. Student finance work backwards. Meaning you may have to fund your first year and they'll fund your final years.

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