I'm due to start a HNC Health Care course in September, so i'm starting fairly soon. The college is already on our backs for information regarding our SAAS applications. Even though i'm due to start college soon, I also applied for a place at a local university and i'm hoping to start there in Feb if everything goes according to plan. I need to sort out my finances, I don't want a student loan, and I could get a Young Persons Bursary if I wanted. Apparently, if I decide to change courses, and institutions, I will have to pay this back therefore it isn't much use. Because of this, i've decided that maybe I should just apply for my tuition fees only, but i'm not sure how that works should I change courses and move on to university. I wont know until October if I have an interview never mind a place at university, but the college is on out backs to get things sorted. I have emailed SAAS for some information, but this could take a fair amount of time, time which I don't really have therefore I came here to people who have been through this before. What i'm really wanting to know is, if I apply for tuition fees and then change courses and move to university, what happens then? Should I hold off and see what happens regarding university? Any information would be helpful, thanks.