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Best colleges for sport?

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Hehe, no, they're just the second teams with weird names!

Not that I really know what I'm talking about, I'm only an applicant. Just one that plays squash :smile:
Does Oxford have a gymnasium? I read it has a sports hall that is used for gymnastics, but does anyone know if this means catered specifically for gymnastics, i.e. with fast track, springy floor area, vault, etc? Sorry for hijacking the thread :redface: Um, I would second Oriel and Worcester: I think both have been mentioned before.
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That web site link is excellent, thanks :biggrin:

Cheers, an awful lot of work has gone into that website over the last 12 months or so, including far too much of my time....
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Well the cheerleaders train in the sports hall, cos they did it when I was trampolining, but I guess their need for a sprung floor is less - would still think though that if we had one then they would use it. Will ask Eve (this years gymnastics captain) for you...
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As someone mentioned, St John's is the best college for squash, with two courts on site and serious players.

However it is NOT a sporty college in general, with decent but not wonderful teams overall.

There is a girl who plays hockey for Oxford in my year though, so there is some hockey presence. I think basically hockey is going to be a uni-level pursuit anyway so it doesn't really matter which college you are at (although maybe one close to Iffley would be better).
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Which is the best college for Polo?
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What about Polo? Which is the best college for playing Polo ?

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