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Hi, wanted to examine an intriguing part of life.
There have been many movies, novels, and studies about self discovery. Some take a long walk in the wilderness, while others travel to exotic locations. Some pick up new hobbies while others change their entire career.

Curious, what do you think self discovery involves?

Have you partook on such a journey, and if so - may you share some about that journey? For example: locations visited, people met, what brought you to your realization?
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I imagine self-discovery is different for every single person. For example, in my case, my discovery of who I really am came about through loving and looking after someone who was very ill and vulnerable. My self-discovery was intrinsically bound up in this carer-esque experience, and also in my Catholic faith.

Not everyone will have to care for someone in that way, or be religious, so I think it's safe to say self-discovery can come in a variety of guises and at various points in life. It may be a eureka moment or bound up in one experience, or it may happen very slowly over the course of a number of years :moon:

In terms of my own experience, caring for this person resulted in self-discovery because it unveiled a load of personal qualities that I would have never imagined that I possessed. It taught me a lot about the world, but about myself too. It required a lot of patience, love, extreme resilience and fortitude. I am a very closed person emotionally and am not very forthcoming with feeling or showing emotions. It was my first experience of letting myself love someone and letting someone love me :yes: So it was quite powerful in that sense and opened up a whole new world of emotions that I never really believed or thought existed, or at least thought of myself as being incapable of partaking in :eek:

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