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Agnes Jones House anyone?

Gonna party hard with Agnes! xx

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yes, me....
Students in Lecture Theatre, University of Liverpool
University of Liverpool
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I'll have none of your sass Tuddenham! :pika:
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Yes me!
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Oo oo! Are you a first year?

Which room are you in? xx
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i am a first year, in room LO-1 if my memory serves me correctly. you? Have you looked around the place? i kind of applied as a last minute thing because i got in through clearing so didnt have time to look around.

Which university are you at?

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I went thru clearing too & got in last minute! SNAP!

I'm in B25 i think. Nah i haven't looked round but my friend said its nice.

I'm at the university of liverpool, which one u at & what u doin? eee its so excitin! xx
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Yeah im at the university of liverpool, doing geophysics! Very exciting i know! what about you? when are you moving in? i think it said we get the rooms from the 8th but freshers week dosean't start till the week after! i thought i mite just go up on the 8th and get my keys n stuff! then move in the week after!
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I know lol its a bit of a pain payin for it when we'r not even gonna be there!

Ummm well its my dads bday on the 10th so think i'l go up on the 11th for a bit =D get usto the City & that. Maybe i'll c you there! xx
Flat L06 here. I dont know what the accomdaton is like, but Ive heard good things about it ^^ Im not gonna be moving in until the 16th or 17th btw. see you there!
Cool! I'm goin up on the 11th... B2-5 xx
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Hey, that means ur in a flat with me jacob. I went up yesterday to move some stuff in and theyre alrite. Much better than some of the actual university halls.
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What is the average cost of the rooms, additional bills ( internet, utility etc)
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they're 65 a week plus internet which is either 120 or 175 a year depending on speed. it includes all other utilities
ahhh sweet. I look foward to meeting you, Finnegan. I shall be purchasing internet, probably high speed if my budget allows me. I don't think Ill be able to live w/o it :biggrin:

and its good to hear some more praise about the rooms :biggrin: have you had a peep into room 6 by any chance? :P
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lol, im afraid not. only been in mine, the kitchen and 2 shower rooms. I would assume they're almost identical though. I was quite impressed by how much free space their was in the rooms, i remember visiting a friend in london with an ensuite and her room was smaller because the shower took up a corner. and her rent was something like 130 a week.

are you at the university of liverpool? what are you studying? yeah im not sure i could live without internet, the higher speed, either 2 or 4 mb not realy sure. lets you download stuff i think wheras the cheaper one will only allow browsing and possibly msn.
Yeh Uni of Liverpool, Architecture. Hmmm about that internet thing, its a bit strange that you can only browse on one and not download, because technically you download while you browse anyway. Ill want to download... bittorrent 4tw! :P
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Yeah i was a bit unsure about that as well but thats what it says on the cd. Doesn't realy matter, cudn't cope with a slow connection anyway. It does say p2p is banned but seems to make out that its not blocked just against their policy.
awww cack, Ill have to upload at home and bring the mechandise to accomodation then. Ill see when I get there, still not sure whether to bring my PC as well as the laptop, not sure if the laptop will be able to handle everything tbh, bless it :P
I don't understand the letters?! If i'm in B block does that mean i'm like on the other side of town to you lot ey? xx

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