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    so we both got back after summer, and we had both been nasty to each other in a way. except, we wanted to make it work so we figured it'd just take a bist of time. but then he tells me he doesn't feel the same way about me, btu that he wants us to work it out. is this even normal?

    i broke up with him in the end. except he hates it when i'm upset, and he hates itwhen i'm happy. and he's in just about all my classes. now i'm thinking i should've given it more time, but, is it even worth fighting for someone like that?

    umm, lol he said he wanted to work it out.... so you dumped him?

    Saying that you are still quite young... so chances are if its not working out now it wont be next year or in 5 years...

    But yeah wrong thing in my opinion of course.

    To be honest... I think you did the right thing. You've not given us much details about your relationship or what kind of guy he is. But from what you've said and how he acted... i can't help of being reminded of the kind of guy who is 'true to his principles', slightly selfish in the relationship and a bit controlling too. Tell me if that is totally wrong.

    And when it comes to something like this you have to go with what you think is right for yourself. You make it sound like you are unsure whether you did the right thing or not because he is unhappy. You also say he doesn't want to see you happy though (immature, selfish ******** alert).

    What matters is what'll make you happy in the longrun. Sure, you might not like seeing him unhappy right now, but is pity really a reason to be with someone?

    If you don't feel you should have given this relationship a second chance because he is the most amazing guy in the world, the centre of your world and the man who can make you the happiest person in the long run ... then forget it and don't look back. You made the right decision. And I think if you really thought that highly of him and any special connection you share then you wouldn't be asking us this question.
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