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I'm studying... anglo-norman architecture

I'm interested in... the period in anglo- norman history from 9th to 12th centuries

My study level is... Other

I am not studying at any UK universities. In fact I am the manager of a project to reconstruct a 'chateau motte castral' in Upper Normandie.
I joined the forum to ask for your help! If you are studying anything to do with early medieval history and would like to participate in our project we would love to hear from you. We not only need physical help with the reconstruction on a 'woofing' basis but also research in the various British archives.
We have some major information such as when the first castle was built and by whos orders, subsequent rebuilding phases and when it was dismantled. There are however many centuries of occupation with little or no information which may be found in the exchequer rolls.
I think this would be an invaluable source for any thesis and hope you will too.
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