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Baby/infant pictures make me upset - used to be so cute, now I'm hideous watch

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    Hi guys,

    Before I explain my situation, I understand that looks aren't everything and I shouldn't be so shallow, but here we go.
    So I'm a 20 year old male university student. Recently I looked through some pictures of myself when I was an infant, and I looked so cute. Everyone used to comment on how cute I looked as a kid. My nan even said to me recently (I'm paraphrasing here) "you were such a cute kid, it's a shame what you look like now". MY OWN NAN! Well, she didn't exactly say that but I could tell it's what she meant. My point is that I don't have much going for me at the moment. I have an incredibly dull voice and I suffer from anxiety, so people normally take ages to warm to me. I've never had a girlfriend. I feel like I'm going through such a stressful period of my life, I feel this could be helped if I had a girlfriend.
    As for how exactly my looks declined - I have constant acne, especially on my chin, I'm not underweight at the moment but I have been for most of my life (although my arms still look like sticks), I look quite lethargic, my head is shaped like a peanut, I have a mature hairline, my teeth stick out (I've had braces, I think they're just too big), my eyebrows are very thick, my eyes are protruding. I could go on. I'm guessing some of you will think that I'm just over exaggerating but I'm honestly not.
    So what was the point in this post? I honestly don't know. Maybe just to vent my frustrations. But if you guys can help in any way, I would highly appreciate it. Do you think I need to see a therapist for my self esteem? Any ideas on how I can improve my look?
    Thanks in advance.

    The important thing to do in this situation is not to compare yourself, rather learn to be happy with your appearance.
    It is quite possible that what your Grandma said and what you took from that are 2 different things.
    It's also notable to remember that younger children look cuter in the kiddy sense -darn not sure how to explain this but hope ya get me.
    I think that you would benefit from visiting a therapist -mainly for your anxiety which could be leading you to think negatively about your appearance. With regards to anxiety, I always say this but don't overlook general things suh as good diet, good sleeping pattern, getting fresh air and exercise. Also, don't accommodate your anxiety, rather try to pish yourself that make you feel slightly anxious. Remember that feeling a little anxious is normal.
    With regards to your acne, i assume you may have already visited the GP/dermatologist. I would recommend trying natural remedies -google them. I found that for me personally the most effective is either rose water or the honey and lemon one.
    You just need to learn to be confident in your looks- own them. And remember that looks aren't everything.
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