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Will a C in GCSE Maths hinder my future prospects in Accounting watch


    (Original post by Baleroc)

    So, why will GCSE's be obsolete? Because chances are, you will have forgotten everything by the time you are employed. This same effect will also be an issue for A-levels, employment, and a degree.

    Eventually, everything you know, without retention, will be obsolete.
    Its a nice theory, but completely irrelevant. Whether you forget what was taught at GCSE is not what is at question here.

    The question is, would having a C grade in maths have any affect on the possibility of getting a job after uni, to which the answer is clearly yes, it may be detrimental. There are several employers who have as a minimum expected requirement a B grade in GCSE maths. A C grade isn't completely prohibitive, but it may fail to meet some of the basic requirements, and therefore prove a hinderance. Many of the graduate applications ask for a full breakdown of GCSE results. They arent doing so because its irrelevant to them. If it was irrelevant they wouldn't ask.

    Additionally, you seem to believe that employers only value your grades on the basis of what they believe you have learnt to achieve those grades? That someone who has a B is more intelligent than someone who has a C and is therefore more employable? It may be true, but I don't really believe that is the only reason they are asking for B grade GCSEs.

    Graduate jobs are competitive. Theres a lot of competition per job so obviously its necessary to cut people. One easy way is to place a series of requirements which are designed to restrict the numbers applying. As I said, its not 320 ucas points unless you have a 2.1, its 320 ucas points and a 2.1. Is a 2.1 equivalent or better than 320 ucas points? Well you would imagine so, but that doesnt meet the requirements for many of these jobs. So by having requirements from each stage of education ensures that those who continually do well are encouraged to apply whilst those who haven't are encouraged not to.

    Its an easy was to ensure the 'best' candidates come through whilst the weaker ones don't apply. Obviously it isn't the greatest system and the employers recognise that. As such they allow leeway. But there are still requirements and they are often more than C grade GCSE maths.

    (Original post by BATMAN168)
    Thanks for the help guys, so gladly I won't have to retake Maths to get a B as it will be irrelevant for job prospects in accounting
    Was there a reason why you "only" got a C? I don't mean to be disrespectful, but professional exams are not easy and you need to be pretty comfortable with numbers. You don't mention your A level or intended degree subject, but if the last maths you did was at 16 to a level C, you might find aspects of an accountancy qualification a challenge.

    (Original post by BATMAN168)
    Hi, I've applied for Accounting and Finance and hope to go to either the Uni of Liverpool or the Uni of Manchester.

    Liverpool will let me in with a C in Maths, but Manchester gave me an offer if I resit my Maths.

    Exemptions include: Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), the Chartered Institute of Public Finance Accountants (CIPFA) and the Institute of Charted Accountants of Scotland (ICAS).

    Damn, regret not resitting in November now haha
    Do your research re what exemptions you will actually get. There is no doubt the higher you get the more you will need maths above a grade C, there is a massive difference between finance and accounting! Pease research before wasting your money!

    (Original post by jneill)
    After 10 years your work experience and other skills are much more important than you anything, including your degree class. Until then, put your A-levels on your CV.

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    Totally agree re work experience but until that point other qualifications matter. And as my parent says and getting back to OP point. A degree in " finance " and or " accounting " is one matter ( and there is a massive difference so research) employers want the professional qualifications, fact, and a grade "c" in math's Is unlikely to help you get there. Sad but fact😒

    (Original post by Baleroc)

    Once you have a degree, GCSE's and A-levels can safely be removed from a CV. Some employers prefer looking at A-levels, but most just look at your degree.

    In other words, once you pass uni, your GCSE's and A-levels become obsolete - they're worthless.

    Note for University Applications
    However, if you were to progress to further study, such as a Master's or PhD, some universities check your A-levels. GCSE's are not checked in employment or further study - so GCSE's are completely irrelevant once you have a degree. Your A-levels are a factor in your application depending on the university (e.g. Oxford may check your A-levels as well as your degree if you're progressing to post-graduate study). For employment, it is unlikely an employer would consider your A-levels a factor if you have a degree.
    While this is true for most pathways, in ops situation for accountancy a A-B is much better, most grad schemes if not all ask for a tutorial least a B in gcse maths.
    I would defo retake op, it's a small price to pay and will only increase your opportunities for sure in the future. Ortherwise you could end up getting a great degree and will be pissed of you can't get on May grad schemes ect because of this minor grade

    (Original post by Baleroc)
    Suppose I have a first class degree + 10 years of employment experience of whichever field I am in, have worked for the top 3 companies in that sector.

    Suppose I write this on my CV, but also suppose I do not have any GCSE or A-levels, however, a student who has A*A*A* in GCSE and A-levels, but a 2.i degree, also applies.

    Which applicant gets the job?
    You're moving the goal posts now as we're not talking about people who have experience in the field. Also you won't have a degree without getting any GCSEs or A Levels (oe) so you're just being unrealistic to try and back up your misguided point.

    Also some companies have a policy where your application is automatically binned if you don't meet minimum requirements, regardless of what other experience you have. They don't have time to read every application so they have an initial filtering process to make it easier.

    (Original post by Doonesbury)
    I'm an employer. I am always interested to see a candidate's A-levels, especially if their degree isn't directly relevant to the role I'm hiring for (which is usually the case). If they weren't stated I would be suspicious they were poor, and it would be asked about at interview (if they got one).
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    (Original post by JasmineWills)
    Cheeky *****.
    Care to expand?
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