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    Hey all
    I am finding A2 very stressful and it's made even worse by the fact that my parents are clever Asians. I got a right *******ing from my dad today after he said I wasnt 'revising' even though I started at 10 in the morning and finished at 10 at night, I managed to cover all of Cemistry AS and 3 topics in s1 and he still expects me to revise until midnight. Unlike them I am not clever (mum went to Kings College and now teaches biology and my dad went to the top medical school in India and now manages a local practice) and add to the fact that I am visually impaired and so am not as good as the other students.
    Also, any tips on how to relieve stress and prepare for end of topic tests in school as well as the end A2 exams as my parents care (a little too much) about these small tests and I want to do well regardless.

    Hi, firstly take it easy and sort the problem calmly and scientifically. Remember, there's always a way. I was in a similar boat as you though a few yers ago - Asian parents, in my case my mum, were always pushing me although I was always top in the class. (my dad is a doc, and I am an ex-medic)

    These are my suggestions from personal experience and from those of my numerous past syudents:-

    1. Asians have this thing about medicine and science - I see you are doing chemistry - do you like the subject? - one always excels in anything in life that one enjoys and finds a pleasure to do - if you were pushed into sciences, it will not help your life later. What other subjects are you doing, if I my ask? Although you are now 4 months from A2 exams, think laterally and consider doing whatever you have a passion for at uni (if you have been pushed into applying for medicine).

    2. If your dad is a doc and your mum got into Kings, chances are you are not approaching your studying in an efficient and logical way, because ifyou happen to be doing biology, you will know that genetics is extremely powerful - the chances of you being highly intelligent are v high - it seems to me that criticism and negatively acting pressure from your parents (and perhaps from teachers) has ingrained a lack of confidence and self-esteem in youself, that is making you think you are "not clever". (e.g.children of a dad who is a rocket scientist and a mum who is above average cognitive ability are never "not clever", to say the least).

    3. Say to your parents that you would like to sit down and talk things over, and get a couple of other people to sit in (preferably neutral guys, not other family) - then explain what I have said above, and try and "turn a new leaf".

    4. Do you have an elder bro or sis you can talk to - explain your predicament to them, and get them to discreetly and tactfully talk to your parents.

    Good luck, and if you need any more help, don't hesitate to ask.

    Regards, Mukesh.
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    Thank you so much, glad to know that there is someone in the same boat
    No. I didn't do biology as it would be complicated and pointless for me as I am gonna do computer science at uni.
    Well. I am a tech enthusiast as I have built computers and I am clever im that regard. I got an A* in my computer science paper at GCSE but didn't do well on the coursework as they didn't teach us properly and my teacher only helped the clever kids. That's why I didn't do it at a level and also the coursework would take up too much of my time. I am just not academically clever.
    TBH I enjoy chemistry but I didn't choose my subjects cos I enjoy them. I chose them cos Maths and Physics was required to do computer science at uni

    My pleasure - btw, it's good to hear that you are v gd with computers, but if you do need advice/guidance at a higher level, I also hold a Masters in Computer Science (knowledge only of java, sql and Software Engineering [not other languages] as I do not have BSc CS]).

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