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apparantely its mainly for 2nd and 3rd years, and the rest are international/mature students. it sucks.

yeh thats what iv heard as well... i asked for somewhere in the student village and now im stuck with this lol... you a first yr as well then?
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Im on the 2nd floor in C block :biggrin: and im a 1st eyar so u guys arent alone. Onli 22 days to go!
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our freshers is so late... dmu starts on 21st i wanted to go to theres as well lol... i hope the ppl in nixton arent all serious 3rd yrs going for a first degree or international students who cant talk english... im worried that it aint gonna be fun now..

btw how does it work? are all the different floors same sex ?
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I heard there are mixed floors and some are not mixed. A girl i know who stayed at nixon last year had an all female flat. And ive found that quite a number of 2nd years live at nixon so there will be plenty of people to have fun with.
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well iv ended up in Nixon court as well, first floor, so i wod love to knw anyone whoz gonna b there in black A!
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gess no1s lisening:smile:
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anyone on floor 4 block c????
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seriously, anyone with any doubts...there is no need! nixon is a great place to live. I lived there in my first year, and am coming back there again for my 2nd year. 5 minutes away from uni, and closer to town and the supermarket so no need to get buses everywhere. also easy to stumble home from the union after a night out, and a taxi home from town wont cost too much. i was placed in an all first year flat, which was amazing, but even if you're not, you meet so many more people just around the buildings. i think more than ever first years are coming to nixon as its so practical. as long as you make an effort to talk and join in, then you'll be fine. there is a social happening on moving day - the 28th, 7pm at the dry dock, so everyone come along! in my opinion, its the best accom at leicester!
good luck everyone, hope to see you all soon!
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anyone on floor 4 block c????

yeh i'm on 4th floor, block C, flat 19...

Neway was just reading the thread, and thought i might try to post what I think of nixon, having lived there as a first yr.

Last yr when i applied for accom i wanted to get into the student village but got offered nixon instead. i planned to try and transfer but after a week there i found out that it was better for me. firstly its like 5 minutes walk from university which helps immensely to make lectures and even general uni stuff like student nights, which are like 5 mins away (the students union). morrissons/odeon/nandos are also like 5 mins walk away down freemans rd, again a plus point.

i personally think its a myth tht theres only older ppl at nixon, im not saying there arent (i think block A and B are dedicated to postgrads), but if last yrs anything to go by there are loads of first yrs (majotiry of the other three blocks, C,D & E) there too. i have also heard that this yr uni found it even more difficult to allocate 'guaranteed first yr accomodation' which implies there shud be even more first yrs at nixon, as oadby spills over.
also i know of quite a few ppl who stayed there last year and have opted to remain at nixon (including myself) so there will be lots of second yrs there as well.

finally regarding flats; i lived in block D last yr and the structure is four flats on each flr, and three of those have 6 ppl in each (except ground flr where flat 1, my flat :-p, has 5 ppl) and the fourth flat joins with block E and has 10 ppl.
however the flat running to join with block E is only accessible thru block D, so block E essentially has three flats of 6 ppl per floor.
block C is a bit different, it has four flats per floor, three of those are 6 ppl per flat. the fourth flat is en-suite (for 6 ppl) and reqiures a medical note (*cough* some ppl fake *cough*) to be applicable to live there.

err... i just quickly made this (shud help explain the ramble above :p: ):

wow, i definately had too much time there :eek: but yeh, hope it helps someone. cyas soon :smile:

edit: typos -.-
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Thanx man u sure did take out time to explain it in details. much appreciated!:smile: but shiekh yaar postgrads sab tou old nahi hotay (postgrads arnt always old ppl!) :wink:, i think i'll havta come there n prove it to u:P so hoping to hav loads of fun! best of luck to all of u!
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ohh yea one more thing! Raz kod u squeeze in an updated picture of a room?? it'll b nice to knw how they loook from the inside!
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sure, these are 2 pics i took off the facebook group 'Nixon Court 08/09'. I recommend you join that if you're not there already :smile:

those pics are accurate (it looked like tht last yr :P). if you join tht facebook group, u'll find 'my map thing' and know who i am so can say hi once ur there :smile:

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does any1 hav any more information on what the bathrooms are like?? iv heard they are like cubicles.. would appriciate any info! photoes wud be fab! :smile:
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Two toilets and two cubicle shower places. The shower things are designed like those you get in public swimming pool places.
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is that all in one room?? doesnt sound too nice.. :confused:
Original post by kimzotic
I was in Nixon Court (Block D) this year (as a 2nd year) so if you have any questions, feel free to post them here and I'll try answer them. Sorry but I don't think I have any photos of my room

Hey! Im in block E and i was wondering, How sociable are the halls? Do people like talk to other people in different flats and different floors ? or is it just the people in each flat?
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