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I don't think I will be able to afford uni watch


    10200 /42 is 242 a week.

    242 -175 leaves 67.85 (roughly)

    Minimal food expense as catered (7,85 a week)
    60-7 for phone

    £53 a week left
    £5 for toiletries (quite a lot actually shower gel is £1 toothpaste is 37p in Lidl.

    48 a week left
    £8 in a savings pot

    As spare/social money

    As for clothes your an adult face the fact that you do t need new clothing every month also go cheap for instance a pair of jeans is £6.99 on amazon or £20+ in most high street shops.

    As for to liscence
    - they can't really tell.
    - if your watching on a portable device I.e tablet/laptop and it is not plugged into the mains while watching you don't need a tv liscence

    (Original post by LadyBunion)
    Just from a "parent of 2 at Uni" 's point of view - mine get the minimum loan (? £3820 a year) and I pay for their self catered accommodation. They tell me that they have money left at the end of the year from the loan.

    probable differences are:
    - using PAYG smartphones - £20 to buy, occasional £10 top up
    - don't drink (well not much anyway)
    - wouldn't spend £40 a month on clothes
    - £175 is pretty expensive for anywhere outside London
    - kitchen utensils / crockery and cutlery - all bought in asda or morrisons or IKEA - plenty of bargains
    - and Poundland is very good for all the cleaning stuff etc
    175 is expensive in london

    Also go for jarrat hall it's ensuit and self catered and seems more reasonable although still expensive

    (Original post by SophieSmall)
    What's wrong with staying in the cheapest accommodation? Sometimes you have to make sacrifices to get by, that's life.
    It's better that you learn that now and at university than get a big shock when you enter the real world and find it's a lot harder and you have to make a lot more sacrifices.

    Could you be a bit more specific as to why you don't think you can afford university?

    is your loan too small? Can you afford the cheapest accommodation but simply don't want to live in that one?
    Bigger houses cost more to run And its usually exponential due to the problem a of weight And then whatever. Just take the cheaper places youll have am easier Time. Everyone else Will be doing the same. I know of people who wear bright red shirts, wear suites innapropriatly And own big houses And their weird And no one cares really. A lot of rich people Will still live in à small house because of the above reasons. So don't worry about accomodation.

    (Original post by Safmitchell)
    I will not be receiving any financial help from my family.

    I will be traveling home often which is about £40 on the train. Yes the figure above is catered. Self catered is about £140. The social figure includes going out as I intend to go to concerts and clubs in my free time. I will be paying my phone bill myself. I could try to learn to cook but the food I eat at home is not really easy to source cheaply, because of all the spices and ingredients used. Also the cost off all kitchen utensils and cutlery are also quite expensive which may make self catered more expensive (in some cases).

    I thought I was currently living economically I guess not and so I'll have to cut a lot of things out my life.
    Get cheaper accommodation. Maple bank is £85 per week. Eat cheaper food. You only have to buy utensils once, at the beginning of the year. Suck it up and you CAN afford uni.
Do you think parents should charge rent?
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