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how do I survive financially watch

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    OK, here is my situation. Im 25 years old and live with my parents. both parents are unemployed (well technically work pensioners) and cant claim any benefits. due to circumstances not in my control, I have only been able to work 14 and a half months since March 2013 (12 months was 2014/15) and I cant claim any universal credit or health exemption costs despite only working 64 days since August 2015 (I have <£14k in my savings). I am only scheduled to work for 2 days this year so far (1 in april, the other in august bank holiday) and am concerned about how me and my family are to survive as my parents have no savings (due to them using all their savings + some of mine to pay of their mortgage).

    I want to go back into pursue another career route but all options are expensive (to travel to london alone costs £20 quid per day / £120-140 a week with a 16-25 travelcard; to do a grad entry degree, I need to spend £3k a year but most degrees im interested in and they both involve me having to wait it out till september this or next year). If i want to change sectors without doing another degree, I have to have been working for a minimum of 2-3 years after uni which is impossible given my current location / job opportunities, and I cant afford to move away from home financially and due to my parents requiring support (financial and help with health-related matters).

    ps my situation in my current capacity is bad but itll get worse in the next 2 years as the government is reducing spending in the current sector im in by a third - 40% depending on location) and the idiots who run the government department responsible isnt restricting graduate numbers.

    what should I do?

    You can't get benefits because you have enough money to live in your savings (14k will last atleast a few months?)
    If you were in a situation where you had no money you may get some help.
    You could get a job now if you do not want to spend your savings on living?

    I am only scheduled to work for 2 days this year so far (1 in april, the other in august bank holiday)
    That's insane. Aren't there any other jobs relating to your existing degree? You're unemployed and you need to be looking for employment.
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    Sign up with agencies.
Do you think parents should charge rent?

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