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Applying as as a graduate for Vet med... watch

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    So I'm currently studying Veterinary Biosciences at Aberystwyth and I love the course etc. I couldn't apply for Vet med originally as I didn't have an A Level in Chemistry.

    On the work experience side of things, I have 12 weeks of work experience that I did in 2013, would this count for applying this September? Aside from that I have a job at a dairy farm milking and run my own pet sitting business....would these both count as work experience? I know I need to get some more experience at vet practices but is there anything else I can do to help boost my chance of getting an interview? I'm looking to apply to RVC for the accelerated course. I'm really determined to get in so will do virtually anything!

    Hey. I am currently at 3rd year biovets at rvc and I have applied this year for graduate vet med.
    if you want to go to rvc they will only accept 4 weeks work ex (2 weeks vet, 2 weeks other) that have been done in the last 18 months before applying to count to their minimum so your 2013 stuff wouldn't count. I think most of the other unis say 3 years before applying. Hope this helps
    The stuff you have before is still good. It just probably won't count towards the minimum

    I did Animal Science at Aberystwyth, I know Vet Biosciences is a new scheme but the first two years are very similar to what I did and I'm sure we had the same teaching staff. Loads of people went on to veterinary from Animal Science, I think there were 8 out of 20 in my year who did.

    Many UK vet schools still require the Chemistry A Level and are expensive so I study abroad at UVM Kosice. Lots of people come to us from Aber, a few have qualified and are now working and there are people from Aber in every post-BSc class.

    I know RVC require a 2:1 and don't look at A Levels but check the others 'cos two of my class went to Liverpool and needed BB in Biology and Chemistry.

    Your milking job would count as work experience but own/family businesses don't. There is loads of work experience to be had in Aber, I did three years of paid Lambing, worked at the Uni farm, volunteered at the zoo and saw practice at the vets.
    Let me know if you need any contacts.

    hey, i've recently got in as a grad and asked each uni when they would consider work experience from, i kept it all saved so here it is, hope it helps!

    bristol - at any time (which contradicts what it says on their website but i asked an admissions tutor on an open day and this is what they said.)
    "top marks are given if candidates have spent more than 4 weeks (i.e. more than 20 days) in more than 1 veterinary practice and more than 4 weeks in a good spread of animal establishments (e.g. dairy, beef, poultry, pig, sheep farms, kennels, cattery, rescue centre, wildlife park, zoo, abattoir, laboratory). We do understand that it may be difficult to get placements in some establishments (e.g. due to bio security concerns) or that placements may be for a short period such as an afternoon (e.g. at abattoirs and zoos). We understand that you may have work experience placements booked for after you have submitted your UCAS form; you must have completed a minimum of one week in each category (vet and animal establishments) then we will allow 1 week of booked placement in each category that will be completed by the end of the Easter vacation of the year of application." Via email: "For Veterinary Science we also require at least 4 weeks of recent clinical veterinary work experience in a variety of different practices and a further 4 weeks of experience in a range of other animal settings such as farms, lambing, stables/equine. RSPCA rescue centres, abattoirs etc. This must be completed before submitting an application, and should have been completed within the 3 years prior to application."

    rvc - 18 months
    "A total of two weeks of work experience (paid or voluntary) in one or more veterinary practices; A total of two weeks in a variety of different animal environments (outside of your home environment)"

    liverpool - 3 years "preferable"
    Minimum 6 weeks animal husbandry and 4 weeks veterinary practice in at least 2 practices, preferable one small and one large animal. Circumstances such as full time employment will be considered.

    nottingham - 2 years
    "At least 6 weeks, no credit for additional after this."

    surrey - cut off not stated and i didn't email as i decided not to apply
    "Applicants are expected to have gained at least four weeks of animal related work experience to include a week in a general veterinary practice. Experience could include farm, stable yard, kennels, rescue centre, research laboratory or abattoir work. A broad range of experience is an advantage. Applicants must have completed the minimum requirement before they apply and should clearly state how they have met the requirement in their UCAS application"

    cambridge - cut off not stated and i didn't email as i decided not to apply
    " Work experience is not a requirement for applicants but some experience is useful to understand the profession and what is required of its members. "Unlike other veterinary schools, we do not stipulate that you should have completed specified amounts of particular types of animal care/veterinary experience - merely that you should have done enough to be able to discuss and analyse your experiences at interview and have a realistic idea of what a veterinary/scientific career entails. Perhaps a total of two or more weeks 'seeing practice' with vets is sufficient. This limited requirement is very important as far as fair access to the course is concerned: not everyone has the time, money, contacts or parental availability to see remote hill sheep farming practice, but most people can arrange a few weeks with a local vet. Quality is more important than quantity - and by quality we mean the ability discuss the scientific and professional aspects of what you have seen."
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