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No friends at college and I'm also a gypsy watch

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    I have been what most of British youth consider a 'pikey' for my whole life including living in a caravan, coming from a travelling background, relatively poor etc. I did have some friends growing up but most of them were also from the same background so I wasn't really judged for what I am, but as I became more engrossed in school and my friends started to move away I had to make friends with everyday folk. I was doing fine until I revealed to them what I was and this subsequently lead on to a whole path of bullying, rumours, trouble making friends etc. This carried on right until I left secondary school. However, I have since moved quite far away (thank god) with my family while I study my a-levels at college and have not made any friends yet (due to my terrible social skills) but I'm afraid that once I do make friends or maybe even a girlfriend (very,very unlikely) they will expect some background information and maybe to come around my home, but this obviously leads to them having the problem of going to a "pikey site." I currently don't have any friends and it is quite lonely spending my time doing nothing while people around me have fun. Not only do I have the problem of having bad people skills but am also in a position where my background could jeopardise my possible future relationships

    How would I break it to them that I am a traveller?
    How could I hold such a relationship when they would probably end up telling people which leads to quite a miserable experience?
    Could I just not break it to them and still have a relationship?

    I understand that not all people are prejudice but from observing some of the people in my classes at college some of them are quite snobbish and I've heard some people taking the mickey of travellers. It's quite surreal when you're the butt of the joke while in their midst and they don't even know it.

    Sorry for the terrible grammar and writing style, I think you can tell why I didn't take English language.
    Any feedback would be appreciated
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    People who judge you based on your social background or anything else are not worth having in your life. It shows that they are vapid beings who will quickly abandon you when the going gets tough. Having said that, you need to have confidence in your own background and see no problem with it if you want other people to not be prejudiced towards your gypsy background either. Just talk to people in your classes freely without worrying what they think. Most likely, people at university won't think anything of it as everyone tends to mature at uni and grows out of playground bullying.

    I'm so glad to see you posted! I'm in a similar situation, I'm a Romany Gypsy with an offer at several university's seen as being pretty high up, and I'm nervous to an extent. Especially regarding the fact I realllly don't want to live in a house.

    The only advice I have is never be ashamed of what you are, have some pride, because we tend to take a lot of kicks, and you need to pull yourself up and have confidence before you can really consider moving forward.

    The above commenter, although they mean well, doesn't understand that people never really tend to grow out of this prejudice. But if you do what you belive is right, choose people who are true, and say what you need to with confidence, nothing can go so wrong it can't be put back right. Hope your okay!

    Have you thought about joining any sports teams, ie football?
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