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My girlfriend wants to break up with me due to excessive revision watch

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    We have moved in together recently and she is driving me crazy. I don't think she understands the concept of needing space. I've got important exams coming up and she doesn't let me study. Instead of revising throughout the term, I revise hardcore two weeks before exams, around 8 hours a day. It's just a technique that works for me, however this was before we moved in together. Now she is constantly complaining about how I don't spend enough time with her, she wants me to take her out everyday. She threatened to break up with me this afternoon. How do I stop her behaving like a child?
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    Have a calm chat with her and make sure she understands you. If she doesn't understand your needs then i'm afraid she may not be the one. Most of the time, girls would want attention.

    Wow she sounds REALLY attention seeking imo, not someone I'd want to be around nevermind live with.
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    try sitting down and talking to her? make her understand that work is a priority too

    yeah explain how your system works with how you revise and that after two weeks you'll spend as much time with her as she likes

    Just talk to her and explain that it is temporary but it has to be done right now and she needs to be a bit more independent for a few weeks. I've been in her situation while living with a partner and it was stressful and a bit lonely but I did everything I could to support him because these things are important!
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    This is how it ends I'm afraid. Same thing happened to me. They'll cry about how you aren't spending enough time with them, then a month later she just feels like being alone, and soon after she'll be in another man's arms. Best just to end it now IMO and start looking for a new partner to save yourself the trouble.

    dump the **** these type of girls will bring no value to your life
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