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    I don't feel I have to "cope" with the fact that one day I'll be dead. I accept the fact of my own mortality which serves as motivation to enjoy my life and and appreciate my time alive to its fullest.

    As a lover of science and cosmology I also draw comfort from the fact that I am only a small part of the universe and the vastness of the universe which makes any problem I have feel small and manageable.

    I don't like the idea of heaven. I find it far more fulfilling to see my life as the culmination of a journey that billions of billions of particles took from the Planck Epoch just after the Big Bang, across 14,000,000,000 years of space to converge to form me and that when I did they will separate and perpetuate themselves through spacetime for googols of years to come, so I feel like I do live forever after I die, but in a far more symbolic and ethereal way. As some other part of the universe, which to me feels far more profound than simply going to heaven and my consciousness living for eternity, not least because it would literally drive anyone mad...

    [see Stephen King's 'The Jaunt']

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    Religion exists because people can't accept that their whole existence is A) Pointless and B) Finite. So they seek comfort in the idea that when you die, you don't seize to exist.
    I think it's also because people have trouble wrapping their heads around the idea of not existing. All we've ever known are our thoughts, feelings and sentience, so we rationalise our demise by assuming these things 'go' somewhere. But our brains are destroyed, which is what produces our sentience and consciousness, so it stands to reason we don't 'go' anywhere at all. We simply cease to be.

    And I'd add a few more reasons to your list there. Religion exists because it's easiest for us to rationalise things we don't understand by assuming some kind of humanoid agency is the cause (gods of thunder, the sun, creation, etc.). Almost all our deities are not-so-curiously like us, made in our image with emotions, desires, and character. Religion also exists because we like structure and tradition. It gives society a sense of order and belonging.

    (Original post by astro511)
    The concept of death is very warped in our world thanks to primal instincts to stay alive. However, the reality of being dead is simply that you stop thinking, or feeling anything. It's not particularly bad at all. In those two things I've listed, it simply states the absence of certain traits you experience in life that can be both positive and negative. Death is simply the removal of both from a first person perspective.
    So, you would stop feeling happy, but also stop feeling sad. You would never feel lonely or bored. There's nothing all too terrifying about being dead at all. So, without a belief of God, or heaven, the only thing to be personally afraid of from death, is that if your life is good, when you die that will be over, and that's the limit of it.
    For dealing with other people dying, I feel the best way to look at it would be to think that they are now at peace, without any unrest to torment them in life any longer. Everyone has there own way of dealing with the loss of loved ones, but just remember that they're at peace, and its your turn to enjoy what life provides in their place, so don't waste it.
    reminds me of Epicurus: "Why should I fear death? If I am, death is not. If death is, I am not. Why should I fear that which cannot exist when I do?"

    The idea of religion actually seems remarkably childish tbh.Our understanding of cosmology and life's origins is a much deeper way of viewing life than religion is.Humans are literally parts of the universe that have come together through billions of years to finally become aware of itself.We are also related to every living thing on earth.When we die the atoms that make us up will become parts of all the other living things on earth.That's just what we know about the cosmos.There could be other universes maybe billions of other universes. This view of life is much deeper and more awe inspiring than the childish view that a man in the sky magicked it all into being.
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