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    hey, im studying maths and compsci, and while i love programming and at this stage, only being in first year, all i know is i can say id probably enjoy a good few jobs that involved it, for a job that i really care about and am passionate about, id love to do something that will benefit the world or others. but still use compsci/mathsy stuff ??? some modules that my uni do in third year sound so exciting to me, like nature inspired programming, biotechnology, studying patterns in the natural world, simulating animal behaviours and stuff.

    heres the question: i have no real experience in these topics, i just know they appeal to me. the modules offered by my uni say no prior knowledge of say, biology is required, but id really like to know before i have to choose whether this is the right path for me and whether i should pursue it.
    would choosing these modules if i change my mind drastically damage my employability since they arent very applicable ..? (or maybe they are, i dunno, thats just conjecture)
    and does anyone know any subjects/things to look into that might give me a taster, or have any experience in this area they could share?
    id like to try a job or internship over summer, and if it could somehow be linked to this itd be awesome, i looked into MET office but didnt end up applying to their scheme. are there any other jobs or companies that people know of that i might be able to look into?

    one thing i sounds cool , but i def think youd need a medical/biochem background, is neuroprosthetics, but obviously the technical side of things... sounds unlikely for me but maybe not! id like to know if this is a possibility too.
    and i doubt if i did want to try and dip my toe into that area that itd be very accessible, especially as someone without even any natural science A levels.

    sorry if this sounds misinformed or naive, i just thought now is a better time to be misinformed and naive than in two years haha
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