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had a car crash but don't have other persons details! please help watch

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    hi so i had an incident today. i was driving off a roundabout and the person who was supposed to give way pulled out and drove along side me towards the back of my car and crashed into it. since i was on a major road, i drove up the road where i wouldn't block anyones way and the car behind me flagged me down and said the other person was still at the roundabout and their car is also damaged. they also said they saw what happened and it was their fault. i drove back down to the roundabout but they were gone. i searched the area and couldn't see their car, which my passenger said was a purple nissan. my car is damaged with several dents and very deep scratches. I've called the police and told them what happened. now i don't know what to do? it seems unfair i should pay for the damage when the other person was in the wrong. any advice or similar experience? really upset thanks. if it helps, I'm 18 years old so i cant claim off my insurance really.

    What did the police say? Can you get any witnesses? Are there CCTV cameras in the area? Can you publish what happened on a Facebook group for that area? See if anyone recognises the car that hit you that also has damage?

    probably not much you can do now... see if the police bother to investigate

    you could try posting on FB groups etc just in case you find anyone who saw or knows the person who hit you

    did you get the witness's details?

    Don't beat yourself up. I was hit off my bike by a car and was in so much shock that it happened I was in no state to sort out the situation or do the things I needed to do (luckily a witness did everything). You did the best you could - take it as a learning experience. It might also be worth considering a camera in your car? I had a friend who got one after having to fork out for repairs in similar circumstances.
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    You need to tell your insurer about the accident incase the other party puts a claim in.
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