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What can I do about this, it really gets to me/annoys me every night watch

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    There's a light/lamppost outside my bedroom window which has been there a long time and used to shine a dim orange glow into my room. This didn't bother me as I would sleep ok and could still see the sky well through my telescope (I'm into astronomy) but they have changed all the bulbs to LED/halogen lighting and now it is basically like a floodlight shining into my room. This particular lamp originally wasn't switched on because due to roadworks the workmen said it had disrupted the wires so they couldn't get it on. However one of the neighbours who just moved in several months ago complained and rang the council up everyday saying it should be on as she couldn't see on the path. It's a short footpath that it is supposed to light up but myself and other neighbours have said they can see fine on the path with light from the other street lights further away.

    So now I find that not only do I find it harder to see the sky but it annoys me all night I find it hard to sleep with such a bright room. It's like a floodlight that makes all my room white. I get that the new person wants the path lit but most of the night the only person who recieves the light is me in my bedroom. I might be OCD/in the wrong about this or whatever but I dont know how to stop it from annoying me other than putting blackout tape on my Windows which I've done for the past week. . I can't find a blackout blind big enough for the window. I thought about planting a ttree in front of the light it would take years to grow lol.

    Just wanted advice or has anyone any ideas? I don't think the council will do anything and when they do respond to things like this it usually takes them months. Here's a picture lol, it's easier to see when the light is off. Oh sorry the pic has uploaded 90 degrees, just look at it sideways if you can
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    Don't you have curtains? They can easily cover that light outside your window, mine cover everything.

    Just get thick/light blocking curtains or a blind. They're like £10-15 from pretty much anywhere -argos, asda, wilko etc

    Black out curtains

    If curtains aren't working, or you can't find some cloth thing to hang over, buy some black card, and blu tac/tape it to your window to completely black it out. Then use artificial lights to illuminate your wonderful room.

    Or buy some superglue and spill over your neighbours doorstep or on the door handle, they scream in horror. That's just for like some little satisfaction.

    Or move house.

    Or write to the council. Or write/email/text/facebook/call/messenger-boy/speak to your neighbour and complain. Or rally up the entire neighbourhood to revolt and burn down her house

    Or smash the lighting on the lampost w/ like a brick or stone or something

    Or buy a big cardboard cutout of Steve Buscemi to put between your house and the lamppost.

    Or pray to God for a lightning strike that zaps the lamppost, and maybe the nieghbour too.

    Or just not listen to anything I say
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